Brazil Property Investment

Northeast Brazil property investment cities

Why has Brasil north east become such a property hotspot?

Well! Apart from north east Brazil's all-year-round warm, sunny climate, its fun loving people and stunning virgin beaches, the region is considered safe both in terms of having economic stability; political stability - in respect of terrorism or war; and from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis etc.,

In addition to the north east's rapidly improving infrastructure, which is turning the region into a booming tourist industry and a Brazilian property investment dream for investors, the area has been reported by NASA as having the second cleanest air in the world, after Antarctica.

The fact that commentators world wide are reporting that Brazil real estate property market northeast is the one to watch; not to mention the region's close proximity to Europe, are just two of the many other factors that make investment property in Brazil potentially lucrative.

Northeast Brazil investment property hotspots

Many investors are choosing Brazil northeast for the excellent capital growth potential.

Though most of the north east region is not as developed as other parts of Brasil, the heavy emphasis on the development of north east Brazil's tourism over the coming years, make the region an excellent Brazil property investment hot spot precisely for this reason.

Bahia in Salvador and Natal are perhaps the most favoured destinations for Brazil travel northeast. Natal, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte has continued to see outstanding growth both in terms of tourism and in the demand for brazil investment properties. This has significantly increased the cost of buying investment properties, especially in the town of Pipa. The popularity of the Bahia Brazil real estate property market has seen an annual capital appreciation of up to 20 per cent over the past year.

Other popular areas in the northeast are also expected to rise at a healthy pace in the near future. These include the states of Ceara, Sergipe and other cities in Rio Grande do Norte state.

In addition to Natal and Bahia, the cities and towns that are of particular interest to those buying investment properties in Brazil northeast, include Fortaleza in Ceara, Pipa in Natal and Aracaju in Sergipe.

There is a current wave of Brazil investment property development taking place in Fortaleza. The choice of Brazil real estate properties on offer is endless and range from land plots, apartments, to beach, oceanfront homes and hotel condos. This flurry spells real opportunity for the early bird Brazil property investment enthuiasts who are in the process of planning their Brazil travel northeast.

However, before making any decisions on buying investment properties overseas, a major consideration will be the protection foreign investors are afforded. Buying Brazil property investments is no exception. Here's what the Brazilian government has in place to protect the interest of foreign investors who are considering buying property in Brazil.

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