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Brazil North East is a very popular tourist destination and naturally, tourists expect transport in Brazil to be of a good standard. It is!

The government’s commitment to making Brazil northeast a tourist magnet, has seen significant investments into Brasil's infrastructure and the construction of new roads, in addition to the upgrading of the busy network of both international and domestic airports in Brazil.

As you already know, International flights to Brazil are available direct to the Northeast, worldwide, including London Gatwick, Manchester, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Milan at quite reasonable airfares. More info. on Brazilian travel guides via air travel can be found at travel to Brazil.

On your Brazil travel northeast, you will notice that although the region is not as developed as other parts of country, this merely adds to the travel Brazil adventure, making your travel within Brazil more than just a means of getting around from A-B.

From your Brazil travel northeast destination, you will be able to reach most, if not all parts of the region and beyond from almost any direction. You will find the relevant Brasil travel guide on each of the different modes of transport by clicking on the appropriate links below.

In addition to the traditional forms of transport within Brazil, you can also hire a motorcycle taxi, rent horses or dune buggies along many of Brazil's beaches. Your Brazil holiday vacation will not be complete without experiencing the famous buggy rides in Natal.

Travel around Brazil for disabled people need not be an obstacle. Do see the Brazil travel guides page on disability services for disabled travellers and disabled people holidays

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