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Cheap land for sale in Brazil?

It is no secret that real estate land across the globe is increasingly becoming a prized commodity.

As property developers and many a property investor continue to hunt lucrative land investments far and wide, Brazil northeast is emerging as the honey pot real estate land investment opportunity for those set on cashing in on buying land in Brazil.

Not surprising, Brazil's economy is predicted to become one of the strongest in the world by 2020 and beyond. With good capital appreciation also forecast for Brazil real estate land over the next 10 years or so, the Brazil property market is poised to grow in strength.

Land across Brazil northeast's region is becoming a high demand commodity and especially so in Natal, where numerous international developers continue to buy huge amounts of prime real estate Brazil land. These Brazil land purchases are earmarked for building luxury resorts to accommodate the year-on-year increase in visiting tourists to Natal.

The prospect for the average small-scale investor hoping to get in on the act and buy a piece of cheap land for sale in Natal, is highly improbable since most if not all the prime tracts of land in natal Brazil have long been snapped up by international developers.

This is not to say that some real estate investors will not be able to secure a prime land plot in Natal however. Just be prepared to pay a premium or at the very least, to buy in substantial acreage. There is also of course a good choice of relatively cheap new-build properties to choose from, which would leave the actual property building to someone else.

An alternative is to consider private real estate land listings of Brazil land sales. This is a good way of identifying cheap land for sale by owner in the area. Sometimes you can pick up a real bargain such as farm land in Brazil or other good-sized real estate land plots with an older type property which you can have rebuilt.

cheap land for sale via property developers

Elsewhere in the region, you can find very cheap Brazil land for sale by property developers in the north east. Land in Brazil is very reasonable in comparison to many of the Caribbean countries and holiday hot spots in the world. You will often find that the bigger the land plot, the more reasonably priced it will be.

Depending on the north east area in which you are buying, the location - i.e. oceanfront, beach front, you can expect to buy land, somewhere in the region of £9,000 to £15,000 for approximately a 350sqm to 450sqm plot. There is a distinct difference between beach front land and beach front phase. Beach front land Brazil, is prime real estate which will cost substantially more - from roughly £25,000 upwards, depending on size.

A beach phase development means the entire development is set on or near the beach. Those Brazil land sale plots that are closest to the beach are always more expensive and are quickly snapped up, leaving the cheaper plots near the back.

However, this should not put you off since these latter plots represent very cheap land for sale and will usually have some features to compensate their positioning. For instance, lagoons, lagoon bars, natural lakes, other nearby resort facilities etc., In any event, depending on the size of the Brazil land development project, this will only incur a two minute walk or so to the beach front.

It is also worth knowing that some developers may even allow land plot owners located at the back of a development, to elevate their dwellings, giving the added advantage of having sea views. In many instances, the developer will retain the immediate beach front Brazil land for beach club or social club facilities that will benefit the whole resort development - but not always.

You are unlikely to get really cheap land for sale in the more established developments - i.e. those which are nearing the end of their final phase of building. It is better therefore to identify a new Brazil real estate land development and buy land very early on.

In Brazil, you are allowed to hold your land plot for up to three years before building completion is required. A good strategy might be to hold your plot and build near the very end of that timescale.

Locating cheap land for sale in Brazil is pretty easy. You can either approach an established international real estate agent prior to your Brazil travel northeast or you can wait until your preferred time to visit Brazil.

Regardless of whether you source cheap land for sale via an international property finder or, you approach a local Brazil property developer or even a Brazilian real estate private listings of land for sale by owners, once you have made a decision to buy land in Brazil you will need good legal representation to take you safely through the process.

Your Brazil land buying objectives will determine your exit strategy. There are a number of exit strategies open to you when buying land in Brazil and you must make yourself aware of them if you are to maximize on any potential gain you stand to make.

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