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Travelling to the north east of Brasil has increasingly become a most attractive vacation destination, with the hastening development of the region for the tourism industry.

As a consequence of substantial investments into the area, air and road access have vastly improved over recent years, in line with the emergence of budget airlines and travel websites, offering cheap airfares.

There are now a number of cheap travel websites, that enable you to compare numerous international airfares or even book cheap travel packages by selecting individual components such as Brazil hotel accommodation, travel insurance, car rentals and even tours/attractions, all on one web site.

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Traveling to the north east of Brazil is really quite straightforward for people flying in from Europe.

Europe is the nearest point to the North East for those wishing to travel there. In fact, it is even closer to travel to the there than to some parts of the Caribbean.

A typical air flight time from the UK would be approximately 9 hours and even less than 7 for Portugal, so it is really quite convenient for our European counterparts.

You will also find that Brasil North East is so well linked to the rest of the country, you can visit places of interest in other parts of this vast country via internal air travel to Brazil's other states or even by road.

International air flights for the northeast are available from London Gatwick, Manchester, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Milan, unless of course you are visiting Brazil from one of its neighbouring South American countries via land. Additionally, there are two Brazilian air carriers that service Brazil flights from the Us and Canada.

Be sure to get your vaccine for yellow fever prior to travelling - just to be sure that no part of Brazil is off limits to you. The Brazilian government has issued a mid-level alert recommending strongly for Brazil travelers to be vaccinated if they are planning on visiting any of the regions affected by the recent rise in yellow fever. Areas affected include the Federal District where Brasilia is located, Parana, Minas Gerais and Goias states.

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