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Brazil beaches northeast

When you Brazil travel northeast, you will see why the region is known world-wide for its breath-takingly beautiful beaches of warm white sands and spectacular sand dunes.

It has been said that each of Brasil north east states is competing for the crown - 'South American Costa Brava'. Hardly surprising, when you consider that there are plans for a $16 million spend on promoting the region this year. An excessive five times of what the national agency - Embratur is spending to promote Brazil on a whole.

There is already enticing promotional references to some stretches of Brazilian beaches in the northeast which have not yet been developed. Bahia's coast for instance is being hailed as the Green Line; Pernambuco's beach line, as the Golden Coast and Rio Grande do Norte as the Route of the Sun.

The impact of tourism on beaches in Brazil

Major cities along the north east coast such as Olinda, Recife, São Luís and Fortaleza are steeped in colonial heritage, making them icreasingly popular among beach loving tourists. While Natal and Maceio, have seen major and increasing tourism and beach-worshipper interest in recent decades.

Despite the the fact that the northeast is a thriving beach haven and is witnessing substantial tourism year on year, this is still in its infancy so the region has not yet become a victim of its own success. Many, if not most of the north east cities boasts city beaches, in addition to the more idyllic and well hidden Brasil beaches along the coastline. The more deserted they are, the more inaccessible they tend to be on foot, so you will need to hire a taxi or beach buggy to get to them.

Whether it is a Brazil beach vacation you're after or any of the numerous north east coast's attractions, then Natal, which is located in the center of the Northeast coast, should be your starting point for getting to know, as well as to beach travel the region. From Natal, you will have easy access to all the other states, major cities and important towns such as Pipa, Fernando de Noronha, Genipabu, João Pessoa, Recife, Olinda and Fortaleza.

Best Brasil beaches

Without a shadow of a doubt, some of the best Brazil beaches are to be found in the northeast. Below you will find a link to the listing of the most famous Brazil beaches in the northeast. These include Natal Urban Beaches and those along the Brazilian beach coast, stretching back to Ponta Negra. In the meantime, here are a few to get you started but I am sure you will discover numerous, undiscovered hideaways for yourself.

  Map Of Beaches Northeast

  • Travel via beach buggy, the stretch of coast from Natal to Fortaleza for some of the most undeveloped, yet stunning Brasil beaches, sand dunes. Conditions are ideal for both windsurfing or kitesurfing

  • Visit one of the most beautiful beach villages of Jericoacora in Ceara on your way and an absolute must is to travel west from there to the National Park - Parque Nacional dos Lençóis and you will be rewarded by some of the most spectacular landscapes in Brazil, as well as beautiful sand dunes, beaches and lagoons

  • Porto de Galinhas is probably one of Brasil north east's most lively and active beaches. It is bursting with life, with DJ's from Recife, along with their sound systems, bringing music and dance during the high season

  • A domestic flight to the delightful and exclusive archipelago of Fernando de Noronha - a protected marine reserve, will guarantee superb marine wildlife and spectacular stretches of some of Brasil's best beaches, most of which will be almost deserted; an excellent location for scuba diving too!

  • A visit to the enchanting village of Pipa, with its landscape being largely composed white sand, dunes, cliffs and naturally wild yet gorgeous beaches. The area is frequented by dolphins and sea turtles, which just add to its magic

  • Listing Of Beaches In Natal
    Brazil beaches in Natal are huge northeast attractions. With Ponta Negra, Jenipabu, Redinha - being among the most famous beaches in Brazil. Brazilian beach listing of Natal, for your Brazil travel northeast...

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