Building Land For Sale

Building land for sale

As the Brazilian economy continues to strenghten, Brazil land sales across the northeast continues to rise.

With certain cities in particular witnessing very strong demand, Brazil land sale prices are set to rise alongside the growing interest from international investors and the local Brazilian middle classes. For those in a position to do so, it makes good sense to landbank now with a view to reaping excellent returns upon selling in the future.

Building materials and building costs in Brazil are very low and you can build a 2, 3 or four bedroom villa relatively inexpensively, enabling you to sell on the property having made considerable gain.

Without doubt, Brazil land investments have the potential to bring outstanding rewards for the savvy Brazil property investor. However, there are certain variables you should pay particular attention to before you make any Brazil land buying decisions. This include having some well-thought through exit strategies.

The single most important factor that will present you with your exit strategies is simply this: it is imperative that you target building land for sale in areas with strong demand from both the local Brazilian people and from other international property investment buyers. If you get this right at the beginning, not only will you broaden your options but you will be well placed for healthy capital growth in a 'demand v supply' rising market.

A second important factor, is to get in at the earliest possible stage. Brazil land development will usually consist of three to four phases of development. Each phase is released only at the end of completion of another and prices will increase further at each of these stages.

It is therefore significantly cheaper to buy building land for sale at the very earliest stages of a Brazil land development project but especially before the completion of the first phase. This happens for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, any good quality development land will continue to rise in value throughout the construction period. Secondly, people are always more keen to buy the completed product at the asking price, rather than pay the same price or even less for one that is still under construction. Thirdly, a factor that adds to the valuation of a property in Brazil is the extensive information already held on the title deeds about the property's history, past owners etc., Properties under construction in Brazil have to go through this very involved procedure and as a consequence, are cheaper.

Here are some of the advantages to sourcing a plot of building land for sale in Brazil north east with high demand from both the domestic and international buyers market:

  • Negotiate hard to get a good price on any building land for sale. You can then sell on your Brazil land investment and make a profit before the second phase of the development is released at a higher price

  • Alternatively, you have the option of landbanking your Brazil investment. A well-located plot of land in Brazil is a prime real estate commodity, especially land that already has outline planning permission. You can simply hold onto it while it continues to rise in value

  • Or perhaps you acquired your Brazil land investment for the specific purpose of building your own home or a Brazil villa to sell back to the high demand property market

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