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History of Brazil's Natal Rio Grande do Norte

  Potengi River Natal
Natal city, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte state, is situated in northeast Brazil, on the right bank of the Potengi River, at the point where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean.

During 1597 the French pirates who had for many years established commercial trading with the indigenous people of Brazil, were expelled by order of the then, Portuguese Governor, Francisco de Sousa. The deed was undertaken by the Captain Major of the Captaincy of Pernambuco, - Manuel de Mascarenhas Homem and Jerônimo de Albuquerque Maranhão.

In early January 1598, a fort - Fort of the Holy Kings (Forte dos Reis Magos), named after the Three Wise Men and honored in the Christian feast of the Epiphany celebrated on that day, was constructed by Albuguerque Maranhão.

  Three Wise Men Reis Magos Fort

The city of Natal Rio Grande do Norte as it is know today, was in fact founded on 25th December 1599 as a village outside the fort of Reis Magos. Natal, which in Portuguese means Christmas or Nativity and the area surrounding it, were to be later occupied by the Dutch from 1633 to 1654. In 1817, Natal briefly became the seat of a republican government, which was quickly suppressed by imperial authorities.

Unlike some of the other North East cities, Natal RioGrandedoNorte's sandy soil prohibited sugarcane production during Brazil's history of colonisation. Its economy instead relied on cattle farming on the interior lands of the state. A typical Natal Brazil food is 'carne de sol' (sun meat), a food staple that evolved out of jerked beef of that era. Today, Rio Grande do norte boasts several other industries to include, bottled beverages, clothing manufacture and more.

What you'll find on your Brazil travel northeast, Natal

The Brasil state of Rio Grande do Norte and its capital city Natal is most well-known for its beaches, sand dunes and air, which according to NASA, is the second cleanest in the world after Antarctica. The area's very sandy soil is evident from the many dunes and bays which are protected by reefs that are all along the shore line.

Brazil Natal Rio Grande do norte is a busy and bustling city yet, it is considered to be the safest capital city in Brasil, and has become a favourite tourist destination for both Brazilians and international tourists who visit brazil and travel northeast.

This has given rise to a significant increase in the Rio Grande do norte/natal tourism industry. Natal's port is also an important aspect in the area's economy and in the handling of coastal shipping.

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