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Before you reserve on Brazil land for sale

As you are by now aware, there is no shortage of cheap land for sale in Brazil.

There is a great number of international property developers who have purchased huge tracts of land in Brazil northeast for the specific purpose of building Brazil holiday resorts. Many of these developers will allocate a substantial proportion of their acquisition of building land for sale, to land and property investors.

Having identified a prime piece of real estate Brazil land for sale, there is a set of procedures you will need to go through. The very first step is to make sure you have appropriate legal representation lined up.

This is important as the developer who is offering the Brasil land for sale, should have their solicitor prepare a due diligence report, which you will need to hand to your own lawyer. The due diligence pack should include documents such as land title, planning permissions and various other consents obtained from the town hall.

In addition to the purchase cost of your Brazil land sale, you will need to factor in an additional 8-10% to cover your legal fees and taxes.

How to reserve on Brazil land for sale

Once you and your solicitor are satisfied with the contents of the due diligence pack, you will be expected to make a immediate reservation fee of around 10%. This initial fee usually represent administration charges which are fully refundable should the Brazil land sale and purchase fall through.

Although the timescales and procedures will vary between developers, it is usual that within 28 days, you will be expected to make a second payment of approximately 90% of the purchase price upon signing the purchase contract.

Thereafter, and approximately 28 days after the signing of the contract, your legal fees and transfer taxes will become due and payable. This amount will be in the region of 8-10% of the total cost of your Brazil land purchase. From thereon, you will have to pay a very small annual land tax of approximately 1% of the valuation as decided by the city in which you have bought your land in Brazil.

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