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Under the new administration led by President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazilian tourism in the North East is not only a growing sector, it happens to be the main area of tourism development in Brasil.

The promotion of Brazil's ecotourism and tourist industry is seen as a means of attracting foreign currency and aiding job creation. With this in mind, a move to promote Brazil Northeast has seen a major shift away from the more traditional approaches of showcasing sun, beaches and carnival as the major selling points.

Instead, the focus has been on promoting Brasil's natural and abundant resources; its geographical location; the development of its infrastructures; with emphasis on turning the north east's leisure and tourism industry into a seriously viable investment opportunity with a view to creating more favourable conditions to attract foreign investments.

This has been achieved in part by the setting up the Ministry of Tourism and making EMBRATUR - (the national tourist organization), into a specialised agency for the purpose of promoting Brazil tourism abroad.

In 2005, tourists visiting Brazil exceeded 5 million, marking an increase of 4% since 2004 and making it the fourth greatest tourist destination in the Americas. Interestingly the northeast, which is the main leisure destination in Brazil, saw a 160% increase in Brazil tourist visits within that same timeframe.

Factors that make Brasil tourism North East a winning destination

So, what is it that make the North East such a top Brasil tourist destination?

Well, in addition to its many naturally beautiful virgin beaches along an 8,500 km of coast, Brasil first and foremost, possess a diversity in terms of its landscape, culture and ethnic mix that is incomparable.

Brazil have all the raw ingredients to develop a host of tourist activities, in addition to the many existing national attractions such as the Amazon, Pantanal and Iguassu brazil ecotourism systems.

Some of Brazil's most attractive elements include:

  • Brasil northeast's close proximity to both Europe and the USA is a superb advantage to Brasilian tourism, with a mere 7 hours flight. Many direct flight connections are now possible and include Tap Air Europe and Air Madrid, in addition to numerous charter flights

  • Major colonial cities such as Salvador, Recife, Olinda and Sao Luis are proving to be Brazil tourist magnets. These cities are not only more racially diverse, they offer a rich and vibrant cultures with unique art forms of music, dance, art and cuisine

  • Brazil north east enjoys a sunny, stable, year-round climate with very little rainfall; another big plus - especially for European tourists visiting Brasil.

  • An especially attractive element that can only enhance the Brazilian tourism industry, is that there is no hurricanes, no tsunamis, tropical storms etc., In addition, Brasil is not exposed to terriorist threats. When you Brazil travel northeast, you will experience first hand why the region has been labelled by NASA as having the cleanist air in the world, second only to Antartica

  • The government initiative to vastly improve tourism in Brazil by developing Brasil North East's infrastructures such as its roads, air and rail networks - to name but a few, is a positive move that will bring about even more favourable tourism and foreign investment conditions

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