Property To Buy

Which type of property to buy in Brazil?

Before committing yourself to buying property in Brazil, you will need to carefully think through your priorities and how acquiring a Brazilian investment property or a holiday home in Brazil will meet your needs. For instance, do you want:

  • A buy to let?
  • A holiday or second home in Brazil?
  • A villa in Brazil?
  • A Brazilian property or land investment such as a farm property?
  • An apartment in Brazil? or,
  • To retire to Brazil?

    As you can see, the possibilities are endless when looking for a property to buy in Brazil. But it is only by giving careful thought to your property buying objectives, will you ensure a smooth hassle-free property investment or a home in Brazil.

    If you are strictly looking for an investment property in Brazil, two primary considerations must be: your financial expectation of rental retun v capital appreciation on the property; and, how much personal use and enjoyment you are hoping to get from your investment. For many overseas property investors looking for a property to buy, rental income is often a secondary consideration to capital growth and currency appreciation.

    You will therefore need to weigh up all the factors that can influence rental marketability, rental appeal and capital appreciation over the medium to long-term. Be sure to seek advice on how to maximise the rental potential of your real estate investment property.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a property to buy solely for personal use, then you will have greater freedom of choice in letting your heart rule your head. Even so, you will still need to think about location and safety issues such as whether you buy your Brasil property in a gated community or in a setting which though idyllic, might be in a remote location.

    Or perhaps your choice of property to buy is a Brazilian land investment. Making a Brazil land investment is a good medium to long-term strategy for acquiring a prime plot of Brazilian real estate investment land.

    Most real estate property developers are selling Brazil land investments, which you can hold for up to three years before building is required. Providing you purchase only through a reputable Brazil real estate agents who can show the relevant permissions that have been obtained, a Brazil land investment is an excellent way to get on the Brazilian property ladder for a relatively small amount of money.

    Acquiring real estate land in Brazil is a good option for people who want to buy property but have limited funds to invest. If you buy wisely and in the right location, just think, you could be sitting on a prime real estate plot in about 3-5 years time or so.

    Whatever your choice of property to buy in Brazil, remember that you must carry out your own due diligence to ensure the success of any Brazil real estate or property investments you choose to make on your Brazil travel northeast.

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