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Carnival in Brazil is spread over a four day span and is said to be the festival of festivals. It happens to be the world's largest carnaval celebration.

  Carnival In Brasil

Carnival or carn vale - meaning farewell to the flesh, takes place just before Lent, usually during February or March. It is a season celebration that combine elements of street parties, parades, masquerade, singing and dancing.

Brazil Carnaval is rich in vibrant music, exotic costumes and dancing, not to mention the over-indulgence in eating, drinking and merrymaking. Although the brasil carnaval history has its roots in religious festivals in Europe, modern day brasil carnivals can be best described as the parties of parties.

Numerous countries worldwide hold annual carnivals. For the Brazilians however, carnaval is such an important, singular event, that the year is usually divided into before and after carnivale celebration dates. Being the largest festival event in Brasil, it is most awaited and celebrated by millions of people worldwide and in Brazil, who take to the streets to parade, dance and sing.


Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for the elaborate parades staged by the city’s major samba schools, making Rio's Carnaval a major tourist attraction.

However, if you Brazil travel northeast during carnival season, do be sure to check out the carnival in brazil north east cities such as Bahia in Salvador and Recife in Pernambuco carnavals. You will be in for a spectacular treat with these regional brasil carnaval celebrations, which have their own unique flavour, characteristics and 'wow-factor'.

For instance, brazil carnivals in the cities of Recife and Olinda is said to be the most beautiful, spontaneous and diverse of all carnivals in Brazil. The combination of sounds such as Frevo - the music of Pernambuco, Maracatu, Coco - of African origin and Coboclinhos - the Indian influence, all manifest into a richness and vibrance for Brazilian and tourist carnival goers alike.

Precautions when attending Brazil carnival

For millions of tourists, there is no better time to Brazil travel northeast. If you are likely to visit Brazil during carnival time, you will have great fun but it is important that you exercise caution as you would do at carnivals anywhere else in the world.

  • Be sure to leave non-essential items back at your Brazil lodgings; only take out valuables that you absolutely need. As with anywhere else, pickpocket crime and other petty theft is prevalent at these types of events

  • Dress comfortably in casual clothing and blend in with the Brazilian carnival goers

  • Since there is a heavy demand for accommodations during Carnival in Brazil, be sure to book your accommodation well in advance - even if you just plan on visiting another state or city's carnival for one day

  • It is very easy to get carried away with days and nights that are filled with Samba music, dance and drinking - especially the cachaca sugercane brandy. Observe personal safety precautions

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