Brazil Tourist Attractions

Brazil tourist attractions

  Christ The Redeemer Rio

You may be forgiven for thinking that tourist attractions in Brazil is purely to do with the spectacular scenery, such as Iguassu Falls, Rio's Sugarloaf Mountain, hypnotic carnival festivals, world famous soccer players, among many others.

However, there is far more to Brasil than that. In addition to all the above, Brazil can be best described as a treasure chest of rare gems which you only uncover the further you probe. Apart from the variety of breathtakingly beautiful tropical landscape, with its fauna and flora in the Amazon region and in the Pantanal wetlands, there are countless other Brazil tourist attractions, as you will discover on your Brazil travel northeast.

Brazil tourist attractions north east

Now that you have seen some of what the rest of Brazil has to offer, its time to take a look at some of other attractions in Brazil northeast and some of the many things you can do plus places to go.

  Brazil Northeast Beach

For starters, beautiful tropical Brazil beaches are a given and spread from the south of Bahia to the north of Ceara by way of Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte. These most popular of tourist attractions in the north east run into miles of virgin Brazil beaches, many of which are well hidden and often deserted: coves, sand dunes, natural pools, national parks to name but a few.

Many of these natural resources and attractions in Brazil can be explored via a beach buggy, which is great for getting you into places you might otherwise not be able to access on foot.

  Color Conscious River

As for things to do, you wont be short on ways of spending your time. On your Brazil travel northeast, you will discover all along the coast, many tourist attractions in Brazil, such as historic and beautifully preserved colonial towns and cities. Many of these have since been developed from the time the first Europeans landed on the coast of Bahia in 1500.

Colonial towns, which have become major Brazil tourist attractions among culturally-drawn visitors include Natal, Fortaleza, Sao Luis, Joao Pressoa, Recife, Olinda, Marechal Deodoro, Salvador and Porto Seguro.

In addition to the above, the North East region has some of the most dramatic scenery and landscapes, which are major Brasil tourist attractions. Here are a few more of those gems I told you about earlier:

  • One of the most outstanding Brasil tourist attraction has got to be the breathtakingly beautiful Lencois Maranhenses of Maranhao. This is a huge desert expanse of approximately 30 miles (50km) or so, which rolls back inland from the Atlantic coast and contains hundreds, if not thousands of beautifully clear lakes

  • Other stunning attractions in Brasil include the Chapada Diamantina National Park, located in Bahia's interior; and the Sao Francisco River, which goes through Bahia, Pernambuco, Alagoas and Sergipe

  • You will most certainly want to visit two other tourist attractions in Brasil, namely, The Valley of the Dinosaurs in Paraiba, where you can clearly see dinosaur tracks; and not forgetting, Pernambuco and Abrolhos's archipelagos of Fernando de Noronha, just off the southern point of Bahia

  • But perhaps, of all the tourist attractions in Brasil, the Brasil beaches will always have the strongest pull. For instance, Ponta Negra beach and Porta de Galinhas, - one of the northeast's most active and lively beaches, with its trendy restaurants and nightclubs.

    You can find more information on other attractions in Brasil, especially along its beaches, by visiting Brazil beaches.

    When you weigh up all the above, it is unquestionable that Brasil Northeast is not only stunningly beautiful but is full of flavours, vibrance, colour, music, dance and culinary delights too.

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