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Vacation rentals by owners v property rental management

It is all too easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a holiday home or a luxury vacation rental property and lose sight of the all important practicalities of getting your Brazilian property rented out.

However, if you are serious about making a success of your investment and maximizing your Brazil rental income, then a vacationrentals scheme is something you will certainly need to think about sooner, rather than later.

Even if your property investment is solely for a holiday home, renting it out in between your Brazil travel northeast is an excellent way to offset the costs of maintaining a second home in Brazil or even to repay any mortgage or remortgaging finance you have taken out.

Essentially, there are two vacationrental options open to you. You can either choose to enlist the services of a rental property management company or you can opt to use the services of a vacation rentals by owners agency.

Your choice will largely depend on how much time and work you are prepared to devote to your holiday home or luxury rental property. A rental property management company will do almost everything for you, making your rental investment property or home pretty much a 'hands-off' affair.

Alternatively, if you feel inclined to have more control over your Brazil home rental property then registering with a reputable vacation rentals by owners service, will better serve your needs.

Which ever way you look at it, your luxury vacation rental home or holiday villa in Brazil is first and foremost an investment. Regardless of how many weeks or months of personal use you want from it on your Brazil travel northeast, getting a rental return makes good financial sense.

Here are a few pointers to help you make that all important decision between a vacation rentals by owners programme or a property rental management company.

Using a rental property management agency

Many people will use the services of a rental management agency purely for the convenience of a 'hands off' approach. However, even before you commit to buying a rental investment property or vacation home, you will need to be clear about any restrictions on the amount of time you will be allowed for personal use.

Many holiday resort developments consist of vacation condo rentals, including apartments and villa rentals that automatically come under the resort's condominium management program - or rental pool. In addition to restrictions on personal use, you might well find that you are not allowed to use your property during peak vacation lettings seasons or you might even be charged the full rental rates for doing so. Commission fees of between 40% and 50% of the vacation home rental income is the norm.

Even where you are not tied in to a condominium management holiday rental scheme, you will still need to enlist the services of a well established, local property rental and management agency. Though this may well give you greater flexibility in relation to personal use, you might still experience some restrictions. You can typically expect rental management companies' commission fees of between 20% and 40% of your vacation home rental income.

Vacation rentals by owners

Your second option is to register and use the services of a vacation rentals by owner online. These vacation rental listing services offer effective, affordable online advertising for holiday homeowners wishing to rent out their properties. In addition to uploading detailed descriptions and photographs of your Brazil vacation home, you can login to your private members area to manage your own bookings safely and effectively.

If you are the owner of a vacationrental or holiday home, listing your property with an established holiday rentals by owners service, is an easy, cost- effective way of getting much needed exposure.

The cost of vacation rental listing services are surprisingly inexpensive at around £185.00 + vat per annum. Taking into consideration the high demand for well-located quality vacationrentals in Brazil north east, not to mention the fact that you get to keep all your rental income, the vacation rental by owner option can prove extremely lucrative.

Choosing this option will not only cut out letting agency's fees and commission charges but will give you ultimate control over your own property. That is, managing your own lettings on your terms; fixing your own budget for essential maintenance and caretaking; deciding when you let your holiday home; the amount of personal use you want from it; and when.

Look out for holiday rentals by owner services with incentives such as a 15 month service for the price of 12 and especially those offering a risk-free 30 day vacationrentals listing trial period so you can test out the service without obligation.

Be sure to sign up only with a vacation rental by owners agency that offer free registration, with no obligation on your part to go through with the advertisement if you change your mind. You should not be expected to make any payment until such time you decide you want to proceed with having your vacationrentals listing placed on the agency's web site. is an established holiday rentals by owners service that offer effective and affordable online advertising for holiday homeowners wishing to rent out their properties in Brazil and many other countries worldwide. If you quote the introducer id number 45293 in the promo box on the first page of their registration form, you will get 15 months for the price of 12 when you add your vacation rental listing.

When you contact them, enter your property details into their user-friendly system, select the annual fee option of £185.00 + vat to enjoy 15 months promotion in your first year.

Once your membership has been activated, enquiries come direct to your inbox and there is even the option of setting up free SMS text alerts so if you're not near the computer you can still respond to booking enquiries immediately. - click here to receive 15 months for the price of 12!


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