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Tips on buying Brazilian Homes

If you want your house in Brazil to be near the sea, be aware that in Brazil, as with most countries, you will pay a premium for vacation homes the closer their proximity to the ocean.

However, in comparison to most other sought after destinations worldwide, Brazil still represent excellent value for money when buying real estate or vacation homes in beach front or ocean front settings. The general rule is that the further back from the sea you buy, the cheaper Brazilian homes or land property prices will be.

Use your Brazil travel northeast break to explore the different states, cities or towns in which you are interested and can best suit your needs. Remember that Brasil is a huge country and the climate, scenery, nightlife and conveniences will vary from city to city. You need to experience particular areas in the north east region to get a feel for where you would like to buy your home in brazil.

Ideally, before buying a vacation home in Brazil, you should aim to make a few visits to Brazil during the low and the high seasons to view prospective holiday homes. This will give you a good idea as to how crowded, busy or isolated an area is likely to be during high and low seasons.

If you are considering the possibility of renting out your Brazilian house at any time, since airfares to Brazil tend to be lower during low season, you might want to consider planning your Brazil travel northeast during these times and rent out your Brazil house during peak times.

If your planned visit to Brazil is going to be short, it is a good idea to carry out most of your research before you travel to Brazil north east. You can book appointments through Brazil real estate agents or international property agents who can arrange viewings of Brazilian homes for you in advance.

Some international real estate agents will offer inspection trips, which are either partly or fully funded by them but only if you go through with purchasing a property on your visit. Be sure to ask about this but don't allow yourself to be pressurised into making any hasty decisions.

If you have more time on your hands, you can arrange to visit a great deal more real estate agents on your Brazil travel northeast. This will help you to get a better handle on the various types of Brasil homes and properties that are available, the best locations and the price you should be paying for your holiday home in Brazil.

Before making any commitment to buying a property in Brazil, be sure to seek independent legal advice and most definately before you formalize any offer you make on a Brazil house or other real estate property.

The Brazil real estate section will answer most if not all your queries about buying Brazilian homes. Just scroll to the bottom of that page where you will find all the links to the relevant information.

Do use a foreign exchange company to transfer all your funds for purchasing your Brazilian home. This will give you a much better rate than if you were to use one of the high street banks. Even if you are acquiring a cheap land plot, it is better to use a money transfer company.

If you instruct the money transfer people to debit your credit card as oppose to your debit card, this will cost you more - around 4% of the amount you want to transfer. Both will incur a transfer fee but credit cards will cost more.

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