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To use or not use Brazil car rentals

Although rental cars offer a convenient way to get to many parts of the country, getting behind the wheel if you are an anxious driver who are likely to get panicked by other overly assertive drivers, then driving in Brazil is not for you. Just consider the worst possible driving conditions in your own country and multiply it.

If you opt for Brazilian car rental, bear in mind that with the exception of bus drivers, Brazilian drivers do not observe road etiquette. Apart from speed-crazed drivers, you'll have the extremely poor conditions on minor roads; wandering livestock; not to mention, over-enthusiastic speeding trucks and seemingly invisible potholes to contend with.

Not surprising then that Brazil has one of the highest death tolls from driving-related accidents in the world, despite electronic speed traps being widely used. Be advised that should you be caught speeding in a Brazil rental car, expect the fine to be added to your credit card.

Road quality should be an important factor before committing to Brazil car rentals. While the north east has a good network of coastal roads, the interior is poor. Should you be relying on your rental car for trips to the interior, be warned that some of these roads are liable to being washed away by rainfall, making them unusuable for weeks, if not months on end.

You should at all cost avoid night time driving in Brazil rental cars. This is extremely dangerous from the point of view that you might break down in a strange place; it is nearly impossible to see the very large potholes, owing to extremely badly lit roads; you run the risk of being robbed; and police presence is also scarce at night.

If all that hasn't put you off, Brazil car rentals will certainly give you a great degree of freedom to Brazil travel northeast. Just be sure your driving documents are in order and you that you have adequate insurance. Foreign licenses are usually valid for up to 6 months, although an international license is best.

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