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Air travel to Brazil northeast from Europe

The entry point when you air travel to Brasil northeast will largely depend on where in the world you are traveling from and your intended destination state.

For example, if you want to travel by air to Natal Brazil, you can fly into the , which is located in Parnamirim - approximately 20 km from Natal. As well as international flights to European cities, including direct flights to Recife from Europe and North America, there are also daily flights that connect Natal with many other Brazilian cities, including Fortaleza, Salvador and Sao Paulo.

If Fortaleza, Salvador or Recife is not your intended destination for your brazil travel northeast and you are not entering Brazil on a direct flight into one of Brasil's regional airports such as Augusto Severo, a connecting flight in São Paulo will be best.

Many airline companies, including the nationals of TAM, Varig and British Airways,fly to Brasil from Gatwick and Heathrow in the Uk. The national carriers will also offer internal flight services and you will be expected to pay departure tax.

There are however, no direct flights to Brazil if you want to air travel to Brazil northeast from Ireland. However, visitors to Brazil from Ireland can arrange connecting flights via London and many other European capitals.

Brazil travel northeast for Us and Canada

There are a number of airlines that provide air travel to Brazil from the United States and canada, enabling you to compare 100's of international airfares on one web site.

Varig and TAM Brazilian carriers also have the majority of their flights to Brazil going to Rio or São Paulo. Some flights do go to Recife, Salvador, Manus and Belém. Regions of departure are Atlanta, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New York, Orlando, Washington and Toronto.

You can also do your Brazil travel with other airlines such as Air Canada, Continental, Delta, Japan Airlines and United. Unless you are traveling to one of Brazil's regional airports, São Paulo remains the main connecting point for internal flights to many other states in Brazil.

There is somewhat of limited service for direct air travel to brazil for Canadian visitors, although Air Canada do provide a daily service from Toronto to São Paulo. Again, a connecting internal flight from São Paulo to your intended destination might be necessary.

Your Brazil travel northeast may well need to be via the US, however, a good discount travel agency should be able to get you a good deal on your Brazil airfares and may well be cheaper.

Brazil travel northeast for Australia and New Zealand

Direct Flights International is an established, Australian online travel service, offering both domestic and international flights. At the other end of the spectrum, they also offer cheap vacation packages, which customers can customise with ad-ons such as hotel accommodation, car hire, attractions etc.,

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Brazil air travel northeast via other countries

Other airline carriers that are worthy of further consideration are: Vayama and the other South American airlines that border Brazil.

Although the flight travel time will be much longer, exploring this option might well prove worthwhile and especially if your travel plans include breaks in your journey and/or you plan on traveling in some of the other South American countries as well as Brazil. In this event, a Brazil Airpass will prove economical.

Aerolineas Argentinas can fly you from Miami and New York, via Buenos Aires, to Rio and São Paulo - for regional connection to Brazil North East.

You might also want to explore further airlines such as TACV, which offer flights from Boston to Fortaleza but via Cape Verde Islands; or, flying with Copa Airlines via Panama etc., as alternative brazil air travel options.

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