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Brazil travel by bus

Brazil has an excellent bus network, which is the main form of transport in Brazil and is especially favoured by both Brazilian people and tourists for long distance travel.

As well as being comfortable and economical, there are numerous long distance bus travel in brazil, making it an easy way to Brazil travel northeast or even around the rest of the country.

All major cities, including those in the northeast, are linked by buses, with smaller towns having at least one long distance bus station - rodoviária, which are usually just on the outskirts of a city. On average, intercity buses will leave the rodoviária every 15 minutes or so.

If you intend to cross a state line, you will need to fill out a short form which will include your seat number -poltrona; your ticket number -passagem; your passport number - identidade; and your destination -destino. Hand the completed form to the bus driver, otherwise you won't be able to board. Seats on buses are numbered, if you want a window seat you will need to ask for - janela when purchasing your bus ticket.

Brazil travel by bus - conditions and services

Bus transport services, as well as road conditions in Brasil do vary from region to region. While the coastal highways are usually in good condition, the sertao - backlands of Brazil northeast region are quite poor. There is however, a government initiative to overhaul Brazil's infrastructure, including its roads. You will find the Quatro Rodas Atlas Rodoviário a very helpful road atlas, indicates the worst stretches of road with lines of large Xs, effectively classifying them as 'estradas precárias.

Brazil has numerous privately operated bus companies rivaling for business, giving you scope to shop around for your bus travel ticket in the larger cities. Regardless of the distance you may need to travel, bus transport in Brazil is efficient and convenient, with hardly ever any need for you to change buses between two cities.

Brazil travel by bus is very safe and usually good, with many of the buses carrying devices that make it near impossible for them to exceed the speed limit. Buses have safe luggage compartments. Your luggage will be checked in, for which you will receive a ticket. As with every where else, do keep an eye on your hand luggage and check you take everything with you when disembarking.

That said, when you travel by bus in Brazil, you will find this mode of transportation clean, and economical, with arrivals and departures being timely. Long distance travel by bus is also very comfortable - (enough to enable sleep) and they have toilet facilities on board. However, due to the long distances, these can get quite smelly.

The cost of bus transport in Brazil will depend on how far you intend to travel, however, travel by bus is a relatively inexpensive means of traveling Brazil northeast regions and beyond. As a rough guide, a long distance bus travel ticket from a north east state to a southern one, could cost in the region of R$120 to R$200.

It is always best to buy your ticket at least a day in advance, from the rodoviária - (in some cities, you may need to get it from a travel agent).

If you're planning any long distance bus travel during your Brazil travel northeast, be sure to bring some refreshments with you, such as plenty of water and a bite to eat during the journey. Although buses will on average stop every two to three hours to enable passengers to buy refreshment, this can work out expensive.

Luxury bus travel transport in Brazil and services

An additional form of transport in Brazil is the luxury long distance bus travel, via leitos. These offer fully reclining seats in curtained partitions, with fresh sheets and an attendant.

Leitos tend to operate during the night and run between the major cities in Brazil Luxury leito bus travel will cost between two to three times the cost of the average long distance bus. You will need to book your seat in advance if you plan to travel on one of these. As they are air-conditioned, it can get a bit on the chilly side during the night, so do take something warm to wear.

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