Disabled Holidays Brazil

Disabled holidays Brazil

Although is has become much easier for a wheelchair disabled person to access a much wider choice of holidays, the importance of making more widely available means by which all disabled people can fully access and enjoy the same privileges that other non-disabled people take for granted, is ever present.

While a hotel suite, a self-catering bungalow, a villa or apartment are standard holiday accommodation provisions for the average person, for a disabled person, if the accommodation is not wheelchair-friendly, on a ground floor with slopes, wheelchair ramps, wide doorways and specially adapted kitchen and bathroom facilities, it becomes inaccessible as a disabled holiday accommodation.

For this reason, disabled people face restrictions in the range and choice of holidays that are available to them and are often limited to more narrow disabled holiday accommodations, for reasons of inaccessibility.

Tailor-made disabled holidays Brazil

This where the concept of a tailor-made disabled holiday package abroad can offer a solution to holidays in locations you might otherwise dismiss, on account of concerns around mobility disability and wheelchair access issues.

If you are looking to travel abroad, give some consideration to a holiday in brazil being a viable option for you. Although special disability facilities and disability access in Brasil are perhaps not as commonplace as you would find in many European countries, this should not prevent many more disabled people from pursuing Brazil travel northeast to enjoy many of the wonderful resources on offer.

Things are changing for the better in Brasil, as regard disability awareness and the need to address disablity services and provisions. Needless to say, the issue of disabled holidays Brasil is no exception.

Accommodations for disabled holidays Brazil

Some hotel resorts are considerate of the need to cater for disabled holidays and will have designated disabled accommodation, such as adapted apartments or suites for travellers with physical disabilities. Provisions will also include wheelchair ramps, slopes etc., enabling wheelchair disabled access.

Owing to the low level build of many hotels and resorts in Brazil, elevators are generally not a feature. However, with the increase in bungalow and villa-type buildings going up in the north east and especially in Natal Brazil, Fortaleza, Pipa, Bahia etc., the range of accommodation that is suitable for a disabled person is set to widen thus enabling disabled people to Brazil travel northeast.

VillaRentals offer a variety of disabled-friendly vacation rental homes in Brazil. Renting a spacious villa or apartment is ideal as it will also comfortably accommodate any support persons who need to travel with you.

As mentioned above, there is also of course the option of choosing a tailor-made disabled holiday in Brazil. This will give you scope to 'pick and mix' not only your accommodation but your choice of things to do and attractions to visit.

You will find more information on tailor-made holidays In Brazil here. Additionally, you can contact a specialist Brazil travel agent or tour operator who will be able to give expert disabled help, advice and guidance on your Brazil travel northeast plans.

You will also find a good source of disabled help advice on disabled holidays Brazil or any other form of travel abroad, from a list of disability services, organisations and travel operators, by visiting the link below:

Access list of disability service contacts

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