Brazil TV

Brazil TV

Brazilian television is an important source of information for Brazilians at every every socio-economic level and has significant influence on their culuture and society as a whole. With the relatively new introduction of cable tv, satelite and pay TV services in the 1990's, these sectors have seen tremendous growth.

The quality of Brazil tv programmes varies and include popular favourites such as the national Brazilian news, Government cultural programmes to the much-loved soap operas.

There are local tv channels that provide content, in every State. TV Cultura Educational, a channel maintained by the government of the State of Sao Paulo is the most important educative tv program in Brazil. While different states will maintain cultural and other channels, they will nevertheless rely heavily on one of the major networks for supply of most programs.

Although all Brasilian tv programmes will be in Portuguese, you'll find that most hotels in Brazil northeast such as in Natal will offer cable tv, so you will have a choice other than just Brasilian television. If you want to put your Portugese to the test, there are number of channels with national coverage.

The most watched channel is TV Globo, which is part of the O Globo group and is one of the biggest media groups in the world. In addition to being a a major television content producer of documentaries, musicals, sitcoms and a host of other programs, Globo also operates Brazil radio, newspapers, cable TV and internet sites.

The most watched program on Brazilian tv is Jornal Naciona - the evening night news, which is around 8pm and has the highest audience in Brazilian television.

Another particular Brazilian favourite after the evening news is the Brazil tv soap programms - telenovelas, many of which are shown in numerous countries worldwide. Brazilian tv channels are largely dominated by these soap operas, which have huge audiences.

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