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There has been widespread adoption of computers and the Internet by Brazilian consumers, since its relatively late introduction. So much so, that back in 2001 Ibope, the Brazilian media ratings firm, estimated that 20 percent of Brasilians living in urban areas had Internet access; putting Brazil ahead of Spain and France in Internet use.

The three major Brazilian Web portals are,,, and, which are sponsored or supported by major Brazil news organizations. It is not surprising therefore that news stories are a prominent feature in both the design and content of these Brazil Internet provider sites.

As in any other developed or emerging country, Brazilan Internet users go online to search for news, information etc., Owing to being very cheap and global, Brazil Internet service is a very important medium for its people and in particular its expatriate population, allowing them to keep updated on events in their home country.

Travelers or laptop users often find it impossible to send emails when away from home or the office.

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Brazil has been quick to capitalise on the Internet and even before your Brazil travel northeast, you will find that the majority of hotels and businesses in the northeast, are online.

Internet access is widespread in Brazil, with cybercafes or Internet cafes to be found in all regions of the country and even in some of the very small towns. Many hotels, airports and even some large stores and shopping centers will have facilities so you can connect wirelessly with your laptop to the Internet.

You should check with your Brasil Internet service provider, as to how secure your Web activities will be. Even with safety assurances, do exercise caution with your personal information and ensure that you do not carry out any sensitive on-line transactions such as personal banking nor engage in the transmission of secure information - even if with assurance of security.

With the rise of widespread broadband Internet connections in Brazil, it has never been easier to get connected. Many hotels and hostels, will provide internet access so, if you are likely to need Web access, you should check with your hotel before booking.

Brazilian Internet connection facilities in hotels can range from in-room Internet broadband or Internet access points in hotel rooms and apartments, to small designated Internet rooms. Do be sure to check first with the Internet service provider whether you will be charged for the service and how much you will be charged per hour. Hotel rates for Brasil Internet access can work out more expensive, than Internet cafes, especially in luxury hotels that can charge anywhere up to US$15 per hour.

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