Brazil Media

Brazil Media

Brazilian mass media, especially newspapers and magazines, have played a major role in ushering in change and in the overseeing Brasil's transition from military to democratic rule during the late 1970's.

Since then and especially during the 1990's, newsapers and journalists has been instrumental in bringing to the fore, Brazil's social and economic problems, including poverty, political corruption and homelessness.

It wasn't until 2002 that foreign ownership of Brazilian media companies were allowed. New legislation approved by the Chamber of Deputies, permitted foreign nationals and companies to own interests in Brasil media. Today, foreign mass media such as Brazil news tv channels and a host of enterntainment channels have become increasingly popular and accessible through paid subscription and cable TV.

In addition to Brazil TV, other popular and widely available news mediums include numerous foreign Brazilian newspapers and magazines, which are available from newstands and bookshops in Brasil.

Brazil news agencies
The four major national Brazilian news agencies in the country, 3 of which are sponsored and maintained by Brasil's most influential newspapers...

Brazil newspaper
Though lacking a strong, early press tradition, Brazilian newspaper has been an influential mass media, with comprehensive coverage of international news, current events, politics...

Brazil magazines
Popular fashion and women's magazines and Natal Rio Grande do Norte edition; but only if you speak Portuguese. On your Brazil travel northeast, take your own reading...

Brazil Television
Brazil tv has greatly influenced Brazilian society and culture, in addition to being an important source of information, at every socio-economic level. On your Brazil travel northeast, cable tv...

Brazil Internet
Brazil Internet access, including broadband Internet is widespread in the north east, in many hotels, shopping centers, Internet cafes and is relatively inexpensive to get connected. Just be sure to...

Brazil Radio
Brazil radio has been the most pervasive of Brasil's mass media up until recently and is still relied on heavily by those living in the interior. On your Brazil travel northeast, a small radio...

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