Brazil Radio

Brazil radio

A small transistor radio is well worth taking along on your Brazil travel northeast, if only to listen to some music.

There are numerous FM Brasil radio stations that play local music and reception should be good enough for you to pick up the BBC world service.

But there is another side to Brazilian radio, which many observers believe has been made into a political force. Since the ushering in of democracy in 1985, many politicians are said to have come to own or control commercial broadcast outlets, with their concessions being auctioned by the Federal Government. Further, that since 'many journalists use radio stations as a political platform, it is difficult to differentiate between journalists and politicians'.

Up until the turn of the century, radio stations were mostly family-owned, with radio being the most pervasive of Brazil's mass media, having a majority household audience.

Owing to low circulation of newspapers and periodicals in the more remote regions of some states, the majority of Brazilian people living in these areas rely on Brasil radio broadcasts to get local news.

You can listen to online Bradil radio station here

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