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Brazil newspaper tradition

The lack of a strong tradition of Press and newspaper presence in Brasil has been largely attributed to the fact that up until 1808, Portuguese colonizers prohibited printing presses in Brazil.

It is noted that one of the first influential Brazilian newspapers to be published was the Correio Brasiliense in London - 1808 by Hipólito da Costa, its founder.

Hipólito da Costa silenced his critics on publishing his Brazil newspaper abroad, on the grounds that strict Portuguese censorship carried severe risks for editors who dared to criticize the then king. Although the first issue of the Correio was published three months before the Brazil newspaper - Gazeta, on 1st June 1808, Gazeta is still considered by most, to be the first Brasil newspaper on account of the Correio being published abroad. Nevertheless, both Brazil Newspaper and news magazines have had an influential and historical role in shaping Brazil's media.

Brazil newspaper

The majority of news papers in Brazil tend to have regional state circulation, rather than national. All but a few exceptions, will be in Portuguese and offer a comprehensive coverage of current events such as the economy, international news, politics and more national news stories. The most important of Brazilian newspapers are considered to be those published in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, which are on par with the best newspapers anywhere in the world.

Although there are no dedicated English newspapers in Brazil, foreign editions such as the International Herald Tribune, the Economist and the Brazil Times, can usually only be found in Rio, São Paulo, airports and in five star hotels. Apart from these locations, you'll be hard pressed to find any english version Brazilian newspaper in Brazil.

In some states, leading daily Brazil newspapers are not distributed in the more remote parts, owing to high cost and perceived low circulation potential. Although local news papers provide valuable information on local events, content does not compare with those that are distributed throughout the country.

Additionally, Brazil tv channels will tend to focus on national and regional news, with local news often left to the discretion of other news mediums, such as weeklies and other periodicals. As a consequence, the majority of people living in Brasil's interior rely on radio to get their local news.

Most popular Brasilian newspapers

The following are considered the most important Brazilian newspapers, which are published in both Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo; some of which have online access:

O Globo:  Published in Rio de Janeiro. The newspaper is a member of O Globo Corporation, one of the largest media groups in Brazil, which also includes a magazine, radio and TV Globo, the most important in Brazil.

Jornal do Brasil:  Jornal do Brasil newspaper, printed in Rio de Janeiro and usually in large cities throughout the country. Offer extensive international news, cultural coverage and entertainment listings

Folha de Sao Paulo:  Published in Sao Paulo, is one of the major on-line newspapers, though online access may be restricted

O Estado de Sao Paulo:  considered to be more conservative

Correio Braziliense: 
Published in Brasilia, a good source of political information

Gazeta Mercantil: 
Focused on economy and is a high-quality equivalent of the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal

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