Brazil Airpass

What is a Brazil airpass?

A Brazilian airpass is a product and service of an airline alliance, whereby you purchases the air pass alongside a return ticket to your country of origin.

A Brazil airpass is valid for flights between the brazilian airports (or other specified destinations), served by the carrier with whom you buy the pass, with the exception of shuttle flights between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

You will not be able to use coupons (which you obtain with the pass) for the same route in the same direction more than once. You should endeavour to specify clearly the routes for your airpass at the time of purchase. Although route changes cannot be made later, you will be able to change at a later date, your flight times or even the dates you use your pass. Since flights on some of the most popular routes are prone to be booked well in advance, be sure to keep your eye on the ball.

A typical Brazil airpass will have four flight coupons - which equates to four destinations and will cost somewhere in the region of $450 to £490 plus a small charge. You can however purchase additional flight coupons should you wish to visit other cities etc., Children under the age of three years will get a discount in the region of 90%.

Do you need a Brazil airpass for your Brazil Travel Northeast?

If you intend to do a lot of traveling around Brasil, in addition to your main flight to Brazil, or to visit some of the other South American countries during your Brazil travel northeast, then it will most certainly be to your advantage to get a Brasil airpass.

Brazil airpasses can offer tremendous savings, however, they can now only be purchased outside of Brasil in advance of your Brazil travel northeast, along with your return international air ticket.

The easiest way to get a Brasil air pass is to buy it when you buy your main air plane ticket to Brazil. You can get your Brazil airpass from two of Brazil's main airlines, Varig and Tam, both of which offer them. Regional subsidaries or partner networks of either of these airline companies

should also be able to offer a Brazil air passs when you book with them.

The airpass is not valid on all Brazilian airlines, so look out for restrictions on your Brazil airpass which can increase the cost. In a nutshell, if you purchase a TAM airpass it allows you to fly on TAM brazilian flights and ditto with a Varig airlines and their network partners - Riosul and Nordeste.

Varig's Brazilian Air pass offer more restrictions than TAM's, in respect of which airlines you can purchase your main travel ticket from - i.e. a Star Alliance carrier (Air Canada, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, BMI British Midland, Lufthansa, Mexicana Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, United Airlines, and Varig Airlines.

You will also want to check our the various route options for your particular needs. You can expect a minimum of between four to five stops for a Brazil air pass. When purchasing your air pass, do check the duration your Brazilian air pass is valid for. Times can vary but generally expect roughly around 21 days or so.

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