Airports In Brazil

Airports In Brazil North East

Being a very popular tourist destination, air transport in Brasil is of a relatively good standard and is set to improve substantially. The Brazilian government's initiative to develop the tourism industry, has resulted in new major upgrades of some existing airports and the construction of new ones.

Numerous airlines fly to Brazil airports from the UK and other worldwide destinations, including both Tam and Varig, Brazil's - national airlines.

There are a great many airports in Brazil northeast, some of which have international status, while the extent of some might just be airstrips. The following list of Brazil's international airports might help you on your way toward planning your route and ultimate destination for your Brazil travel northeast.

You will note that I have included Sao Paulo, for the reason that it is one of the main hubs for connecting flights, which you might need for your Brazil travel northeast destination. Incidentally, the abbreviation before the name is the airport code.

  • BGX Bage Com Kraemer International Rio Grande do Sul
  • BEL Belem International Para
  • FOR Fortaleza Pinto Martins International Ceara
  • JPA Joao Pessoa Castro Pinto International Paraiba
  • REC Recife Guararapes International Pernambuco
  • SSA Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International (Salvador)
  • CGH Sao Paulo Congonhas International SP

    Domestic air travel Brazil Northeast

    Brasil boasts an efficient network of Brazil airports that effectively connects all major areas of this vast country. Since many international air travel are not direct flights to Brazil, the majority of travellers will need to go through one of the main connecting hubs such as Sao Paulo, in order to reach certain parts of the northeast.

    You should also be aware that some domestic flights from Brazil airports are treated as international flights. This is because some passengers may be travelling from other South American countries and have not yet cleared customs - unlike you, upon your initial entry to Brazil.

    You will nevertheless, still be required to go through customs and immigrations for domestic flights upon arrival, although you will not need to fill out another immigration form as you did upon your initial arrival in Brasil. Simply produce the carbon copy you were given then, along with your passport and Visa.

    Domestic air travel from airports in Brazil is a common and inexpensive practice, however, on the downside, be prepared to pay departure taxes, owing to the sheer size of Brazil. On the upside, you will be able to purchase duty free items at the airports in Brazil that have international status.

    The newest Brazil airport will be in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte. Completion is expected in 2011 and it will be the largest in South America and the 8th largest in the world, to meet the growing demand from tourists.

    On a final note, be aware that on International Brazil air travel flights, only the first destination in Brazil will be shown, despite the fact that the flight may go onto other cities. Domestic Brasil airport's flight listings can also be a little on the confusing side. Some flight listings might only show the final destination city and not the other city stops. You should rely on your flight number and not just the Brazil city you are traveling to.

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