Brazil Tourist Information

Brazil tourist information

Brazil tourism offices can be readily found in airports, all states and capital cities in Brazil northeast and especially in beach resort towns.

While Brazil tourist offices in airports may provide hotel booking services, the extent of help and advice on cheaper accommodations will be limited. In this respect, you might find the local Brazilian tourist information centers more helpful.

Additionally, there are EMBRATUR - Brasil's national tourist organisation offices in some of the major cities, although these tend not to provide direct tourist information to travellers.

The more popular the destination, the better the quality in terms of the level of tourist office services on offer. In smaller, less well-visited areas, however, you may well struggle to find a Brazil tourism information office.

It is a good idea to obtain as much tourist information as you can from Brazilian embassies and consulates, prior to leaving your home country. These agencies will usually have a department where you can get help, advice, leaflets and any additional information on your Brazil travel northeast. The EMBRATUR website is also an excellent source of tourist information.

Most Brazil tourist information offices - Informações Turísticas,which are generally open Monday to Friday during office hours, will provide free information that include booklets, free city maps etc., However, these will nearly always be in Portuguese language.

Brasil tourist information offices and services are not uniformed and you may well encounter some variations in the provision of services across the different states. For instance, the term - Turismo with different acronyms are often used in different states to provide information about the state or its capital city. This is because tourist information services are governed by different state and municipal governments in Brazil.

Brazil tourism
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Brasil Tourism
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A list of tourist office and tourism information on Brasil, including Brazil national tourism organisation, EMBRATUR. Get clued up before your Brazil travel northeast

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