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Brazil tourist

For many people, a vacation holiday is an eagerly anticipated annual event where they can escape the cold, chill out and have a much needed break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Whatever your reason for your Brazil travel northeast, according to Brazil tourism statistics, more and more Europeans are visiting this Brazil region. It is said that the French, Italians, Germans and Spaniards are capatilising on the close proximity of Brasil northeast to Europe, turning the area into the fastest growing international tourism market in South America.

Away from the lure of all-year round sun and beautiful Brazil beaches, which make the north east hot Brasil tourist spots, a major attraction for tourists to Brazil include the relatively low cost of living.

When compared with other Caribbean holiday destinations, Brazil travel northeast vacations will cost substantially less. It is hardly surprising that the north east is being hailed as the next big tourist development.

Brazilian economists forecast that by the end of the decade, Brazil tourism will have become the largest industry in Brasil northeast. The north east, which has long been the poorest of Brasil's regions, has been growing from strength to strength in recent years. This trend is predicted to increase substantially in the near future.

In anticipation of Brazilian tourism figures in the forthcoming years far exceeding those of the previous, the number of existing weekly flights from most European capital cities to areas such as Salvador and Recife are also set to increase. VASP, a big Brazilian airline carrier, are now also offering a direct service between Recife and Miami, to capture the American market.

This sector of Brazil tourism market dwindled during the late 1980's, owing to the high rate of street crime committed against American tourists in Brazil - (Rio de Janeiro) and the failure of the Brazilian authorities to respond accordingly.

However, that was then and things are set to change, bringing back the American tourists in Brazil. One of the Brazilian government's aims is to preserve northeast Brasil's safety record and that can only be a good thing for tourism in general but especially from the American tourists perspective.

Brazilian tourism
Brasil tourism has undergone a radical shift from traditional promotions to one that focus on development of north east's infrastructures to create favourable conditions to attract foreign currency and investment

Brasil Tourism
The tourist development programme blueprint for the northeast was set in motion a decade ago. The results are a robust growth 50% in international tourist visits to Brasil...

Tourist Information Tourist information and tourism offices are readily available in the north east. Guide on where to find tourist info before you leave home and after your Brazil travel northeast

Tourism office
A list of tourist office and tourism information on Brasil, including Brazil national tourism organisation, EMBRATUR. Get clued up before your Brazil travel northeast

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