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Northeast Brazil tourism

The North East of Brazil has seen a significant growth in tourism in the past decade and demonstrate the region's potential to go from strength to strength in the future.

Up until recent years however, Brazil northeast laboured under the burden of poor/or lack of essential infrastructures, in addition to even less developed foreign promotion policy or targeted development of any of the brazil tourist spots.

However, that was then! Change is taking place at a rapid rate, with Brasil tourism, Brazil ecotourism and its international promotion being at the top of the country's agenda.

Tourism in Brazil - Development Programme

The nature of this change has its roots in a large scale public investment programme conceived a decade before, namely, the Tourism Development program in the North East - known as PROSETUR/NE.

The sum of in excess of 670 million dollars is said to have been invested through the PROSETUR/NE - Brazilian tourism development programme on infrastructures, including the environment, transport, tourism management organisations etc.,

As a result of the successes achieved through PROSETUR/NE, a further Brasil tourist development program - PRODETUR/NE.11 was set in motion, with an investment believed to be in the region of 400 million dollars. The knock-on effect of these investments are clearly evident, in light of the fact that from 2002 to 2005, the number of international tourists visiting Brazil increased by no less than 50%. This gives a good indication as to the increasingly robust growth of tourism in Brazil North East.

It is clear that one of the primary objectives of Brazil tourist sector growth, is progressing steadily on course. There is also a lot of evidence to show major investments having been made in infrastructures such as in new and upgraded airports, the drainage systems, roads and plans for a new rail network is in the pipeline too.

The importance of continued development of hot Brazil tourist spots in the north east is fundamental to the region's economic development and growth. There is already significant increase in employment in the region, owing to the accelerated growth in tourism in Brazil northeast in recent years.

From the perspective of the many tourists who intend to Brazil travel northeast, what makes brazil so attractive is that there is something for every age group and every lifestyle. Whether it is a holiday on a budget, - staying in a youth hostel, or a small family-run hotel, a luxurious beach resort or even an exclusive Brazil lodge in spectacular settings; every need is being catered for when you Brazil travel northeast.

The same apply to the host of holiday activities and attractions to suit both young and old alike. These range from the world- famous buggy rides, surfing, scuba diving, golfing, to Brazil wildlife tours and adventure trekking in the Pantanal wetlands. It will certainly be an experience to remember!

Brazilian tourism
Brasil tourism has undergone a radical shift from traditional promotions to one that focus on development of north east's infrastructures to create favourable conditions to attract foreign currency and investment

Brasil Tourists
Brazil tourist numbers are set to grow substantially as more tourist Brazil travel northeast. Economists predict tourism in Brazil will be the largest industry by the end of the decade...

Brasil Tourist Information Brazil tourist information and tourism offices are readily available in the north east. Guide on where to find Brasil tourist info before you leave home and after your Brazil travel northeast

Brazil tourist office
A list of tourist office and tourism information on Brasil, including Brazil national tourism organisation, EMBRATUR. Get clued up before your Brazil travel northeast

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