Brazil Jungle Lodges

Brazil jungle lodges and resorts

Does the thought of a short stay in a jungle lodge or eco resort lodge appeal for your Brazil travel northeast?

Jungle lodge fever is becoming ever increasingly popular among eco-tourists in Brazil. Lodges, which are often nestled within a vast stretch of untouched rainforest, is the perfect way to experience nature yet at the same time enjoy adventure, comfort and peace.

Recent times have witnessed numerous new build Brazil jungle lodges and enviromentally-friendly resorts, with emphasis on ecotourism. This is especially true of the Amazon region, where lodgings cater for every budget, from standard to the most exclusive luxury lodges in Brazil.

The settings are no less dramatic, since many a luxury lodge rest in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, surrounded by the wonders and natural beauty of the environment, such as fresh water archipelago or the Rio Negro river.

Jungle lodges v eco lodge Brazil

Lodges in Brazil are not all strictly located in or near the Amazon. Although they might share a common characteristic of being eco- friendly, many luxury Brazil lodges can also be found in settings with backdrops of mountains, vegetations and oceans view of outstanding natural beauty. And since each lodge will also have a distinctive feature that will set it apart from its competition, look out for unique settings, features or facilities that are being offered by jungle lodges and resorts or eco lodges in Brazil.

For instance, a new Eco-Resort Project - (Zero Energy Natal) which is in the early stages of development in Natal Brasil - although strictly speaking, the development is not a Brazil jungle lodge resort.

Nevertheless, its ethos being a healthy lifestyle and eco-friendly environment on a beach front setting. Comprising of a development of bungalows, built upon ecological and green principles, the eco-resort's USP include health-inducing mineral tap water and swimming pools; wind and solar powered energy, without sacrificing any of the other comforts, luxuries or essentials.

A typical example of a jungle eco lodge brazil is that of the Amazon Ecopark near Manus. The Ecopark's selling point is that of being a Monkey Jungle Reserve that provide rehabilitation to injured monkeys, as well as home to those that have been victims of the unscrupulous practices of dealers.

Realising the desirability factor of jungle lodges and resorts among tourists, many hotels in Brazil are now providing opportunities for their guests' participation in tours, for example, to the Negro River.

Due to the remoteness of some of the Brazilian jungle lodges, if the idea of being away from a city with big hospitals make you feel uneasy, you might want to choose a lodge location near Manaus, which is the capital of Amazonas State. Though you won't be in the thick of it, - you can still enjoy a most satisfying woodland type experience.

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