Brazil Jungle Lodge

Brazil jungle lodge accommodation

Should you decide to incorporate a short tour that include jungle lodge accommodations into your Brazil travel northeast, here are a few pointers as to what you can expect.

Jungle lodges are in general discreetly integrated into the natural surroundings of the tropical rainforest. They are usually well- equipped, providing guests with comfort and convenience. Many are located in village type settings, consisting of a number of bungalows with approximately two bedrooms. Accommodations will tend to circle a central focal point such as an open air communal lodge. Jungle lodge resorts will often have a number of apartments as well.

You can expect your lodge accommodation to include mosquito screens, private bathroom with shower, a veranda or large terrace with hammock, where you can relax with a good book, sunbathe or simply soak up the environment.

Other resort facilities

Jungle lodge resorts will have a good restaurant on site, which will serve the standard three meals daily, in addition to snack foods. Food will be Brazil cuisine, prepared by a resident chef and made from local produce consisting of different meats, fish, vegetables, in addition to plentiful supply of fresh tropical fruit.

Other essential facilities will include a reception area and bar, where you can unwind and socialise in comfortable chairs after a day's tour, with the obligatory local Brazil drink.

Depending on the location of the Brasil jungle lodge, essentials such as hot water and lighting may be restricted to an alternative energy source such as candlelight, kerosene lamps etc., although some of the main service areas, including kitchen facilities will usually be powered by electricity. Bear this in mind if you are planning on charging gadgets such as shavers, cameras etc.,

Cost of jungle lodge tours and accommodation

Brasil jungle lodge tours are generally pre-planned packages of between two to four days and in some cases, even 6 days. Jungle lodge tours usually take into consideration the arrivals and departure times of the Brasil region you are travelling from. However, you can usually determine the length of stay at your Brazil jungle lodge resort accommodation.

The cost of Brazil jungle lodgings and tour will be dependent upon itineary and the length of your stay. Jungle tour packages will be fully inclusive of guided tours and exursions, full board and lodging, plus transportation. As a rough guide, 4 days and 3 nights plus tour in a typical eco lodge in Brazil will cost in the region of US$350 to US$495 per person.

At the higher end, this figure can work out up to US1115 for 6 days and 5 nights per person, for a single and US$929 per person for a double or triple room accommodations.

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