Vacation House Rentals

Why vacation house rentals Brazil?

Brazil holiday rental homes are based in and around the rapidly developing north east region, considered by many to be the jewel in the crown of Brazils fast expanding tourist industry.

If you are planning your Brazil travel northeast, you might want to spare a thought for vacation home rentals as an alternative to staying in hotels in Brazil.

Increasingly more holiday homeowners worldwide are renting apartments and villa properties to the holiday market. This trend is becoming more evident in Brazil north east where the holiday lettings sector is expanding as a growing number of holidaymakers are opting for self-catering rental vacations.

This is likely due to the fact that as more and more people are finding the confines of a hotel restricting of their choices to engage in personal interest activities in privacy or within a tranquil setting, the freedom offered by vacation house rentals is becoming increasingly more attractive.

Here are some of the main benefits when it comes to vacation house rentals as oppose to staying in Brazilian hotels.

Although cooking for yourself on your Brazil vacation might not be top of your list of priorities, it can be a great experience shopping for fresh Brazil food produce and experimenting with a few choice dishes.

Vacation house rentals can offer substantial savings on your Brazil accommodation costs. You get to enjoy private use of facilities such as barbecue, jacuzzi, sauna etc., for which you would have to pay a premium in a luxury Brazil hotel. There is even the cost-saving benefit of stocking your own bar with cut price alcoholic beverages and snacks, compared to over-priced hotel bars.

Even when you consider the cost of a rental car hire or other transport costs, you can still make substantial savings with villa rentals, especially if you are travelling with your family or a group.

Vacation home rentals in Brazil cover the full range. You can choose from basic apartment rentals, house for rent, to villa rentals, eco lodges, and luxury vacation rentals. Depending on the size of your party and your budget, you can choose vacation house rentals of either small properties or large holiday homes.

Group vacation home rentals offer very good value for money, when the cost of the holiday home rental is divided between 4, 6, 8 or even up to 10 people. The cost of a holiday house rental will largely depend on the location in which you want to target a house for rent. A small holiday home rental property such as an apartment in Brazil northeast that sleeps two, can cost around £200 per week, increasing to £250 in high season, while a large holiday home that sleeps up to 6-8 people can cost from £450 in low season and around £800 in high.

At the upper end of the scale, a luxury vacation rental villa that can accommodate up to 10 people will cost some where in the region of £1800 per week in low seasons and from £2000 per week in high. You can typically expect facilities such as 24 hour service staff, total privacy, barbeque area, seaview, walking distance to the beach, sauna and a private swimming pool.

There are numerous other advantages to holiday home rentals. Here are some of the other key differences and benefits between a hotel in Brazil and private holiday home rental:

  • Much more living space with holiday house rentals
  • Choice of small or large holiday homes for rent
  • Cheaper to stay in a vacation rental house than in hotel
  • Private use of facilities, barbecue, jazzuci etc.,
  • Complete privacy, peace and quiet
  • Greater freedom and choice

    To get current pricing for a rental apartment, a basic house rental or a luxury villa rental, availability and booking visit, visit rental properties or alternatively, use the following FREE search faciility to find suitable vacation rentals:

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