Car Rentals Brazil

Requirements for car rentals Brazil

You've arrived here because you are planning on renting a car on your Brazil travel northeast.

Before doing so, here are a number of requirements you will need to fulfill in order to secure your Brazil car hire.

  • You must be age 25 years or over to rent a car in Brazil, although there are some car hire companies, including Avis car, who will rent to people who are 2l year olds.

  • You must have a credit card in your name, along with a full, valid driver's license from your home country. Bear in mind however, that even though your country's driver's license is valid in Brazil, it is not uncommon for the authorities to question its validity. This is for no other reason than they might not be familiar with the license from your own country. To cover yourself, it is a good idea to get an International Driver's permit as well, to supplement your driver's license. You can obtain an (IDP) relatively inexpensively from the motoring association in your country

  • It is a requirement that all vehicles in Brazil must have proof of insurance, in addition to carrying the registration document.

  • Seatbelt use is compulsory in Brazil and there are stiff on-the- spot fines imposed on drivers and front-seat passengers who fail to wear them

  • If you are planning to cross into or out of Brazil's borders with a vehicle, you might well be asked for relevant paperwork to show the vehicle's identity - carnet de passage en douane or a libreta de pasos por aduana. These are the equivalent of a vehicle passport; and a record of customs passes respectively. Although these might not necessarily be required, it is still a good idea to contact your motoring association for further advice on any documentation you might need in this circumstance

  • A personal responsibility and a requirement you must meet for yourself, is to carefully check the condition of any vehicle you hire from car rentals brazil companies before you sign for acceptance. Some basic checks you can carry out for yourself include checking all the tyres - spares included. Be sure to check that your Brazil car rental comes with a fire extinguisher, a jack, a warning triangle and that both front and rear seatbelts are working appropriately

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