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Brasil Carnivals north east

The mere mention of the word Carnaval and images of rhytmic samba, hypnotic drum beats and beautifully costume clad - albeit scantily, Brazilian ladies comes to mind.

  Maracatu Dancers Recife

You might be forgiven for thinking solely in terms of the Rio de Janeiro brasil carnaval, however, you would be mistaken. The North East is a treasure trove for some of the most spectacular Brasil carnivals and activities which could rival even those of Rio's.

Carnavals in Brasil take on differing elements, influences and flavors to that which is held in Rio. Near enough every state, city or town in Brazil, large or small, host some form of Carnaval festival.

Two other carnavals of great significance, are Salvador - in the state of Bahia and Olinda - in the state of Pernambuco. These Brasil carnivals are the two largest and most popular carnivals in Brazil North East. They have become major events in which literally everyone participates and are huge tourist attractions for visitors from all over the world.


Brasil Carnival Bahia, Salvador

Pelhourinho Carnival

If you'r looking for a unique carnival experience on your Brazil travel northeast, then Salvador in the state of Bahia is where you'll want to head.

As well as being the second largest of Brasil carnavals, Salvador is said to host the largest street carnival in the world. The city set aside approximately fifteen miles of streets for the parades over a six day period.

Although less famous than Rio, Salvador Brasil carnival is interactive in comparison to Rio. Rather than sitting in the huge Sambodromo and simply watching the procession go by, when you visit Brazil Salvador carnival, you will be able to participate by joining in, which is great fun - not to mention, cheaper too.

You can buy a ticket to join the parade, you will be able to walk along with other followers - what is called a bloco, an area that has been roped off specifically for participants who sing, dance and drink. It is usual for you to be given a t-shirt and shorts too. Salvador carnival parades will usually have a sound system truck and an established band. Blocos or block parties are usually held after the parade, which you can attend.

There are a number of other major reasons why you should Brazil travel northeast for Bahia state carnivals. With music styles being so different from one brasil carnaval to another, important and distinctive features of the Salvador carnaval, apart from its its many rhythms of samba, samba-reggae etc., are its many other rich ethnic art forms, influences and diversity.

You will see many blocos - blocks, each representative of and convey an important meaning or history. The Indian blocks for instance who dress up as Native Americans - having drawn their inspirations from the US movie westerns; while the influence of the Black Pride Movement in the United States, the reggae music that denounced racism and oppression; and the independence movements in Africa are clearly evident from the Afro Brazilians.

Brazil Carnivals Pernambuco

  Carnaval Recife

The third largest carnival to take place are Recife and Olinda, in the northeast state of Pernambuco.

Here, carnaval is said to be the most diverse of all the Brazil carnivals. With an exciting mix of pernambuco music such as Frevo; African elements of Maracatu, Coco; and Coboclinhos of Indian origin, you are guaranteed a rich and diverse medley that will tantalize the senses.

                                                               Frevo Dancer Brazil

Unlike the Carnivals in Salvador or Rio, Pernambuco's carnival is not based on competition between the parade groups; rather, all groups - the grand and the least well off, parade side by side, irrespective of social status.

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