Brazil Money Exchange

Brazil currency exchange

The Brazil money exchange or currency exchange rate will be an important consideration prior to your Brazil travel northeast.

Despite the attempts of the Brazil Central Bank to keep the real Brazil currency low, it has continued to grow stronger against the US dollar and many other world currencies from 2005.

So strong in fact that the Brazil real was worth more than half the US dollar since 2007. As of May 2008, the real equalled 0.6068 US dollars, with l US dollar equalling 1.6480 reais. Far from the long anticipated inflation, so far exchange rates and prices have remained constant.

So, in addition to the major appeal of Brazil's cost of living which is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the US and most of Europe, the Brazil money exchange rate is looking very attractive for holiday makers.

Brasil money exchange rates

The money exchange rate you achieve will depend on the type of currency you are exchanging. Us dollars for example, will give you a better exchange rate than travellers cheques and possibly, even your own country's currency. It makes good sense to check beforehand and if need be, carry a different currency to that of your own country's.

The US dollar is also more widely accepted currency in many of Brasil's large cities and in the more exclusive hotels, shops and by tour operators etc.,

You can change your funds at Brazil money exchange agencies - casa de câmbio or at banks. There are usually two rates for cash being advertised, - i.e. the amount a bank will pay you and the turist rate - turismo, - i.e. the rate you will achieve in places such as a travel agency or a hotel.

Banks will always give you a better rate of exchange. Although owing to the fact that Banks have much slower exchange procedures exchanging your money there can prove a bit of an inconvenience. While the turismo Brazil money exchange rate is generally two points or so lower than the bank rate, for ease, it is worth considering this option if you are not making a large exchange.

Taking along a few US travellers cheques is not a bad option, however, bear in mind that you will always get one or two percent better money exchange rate for cash than you would do for travellers cheques. Travellers cheques do of course give you peace of mind on account that they are replaceable in the event they are lost or stolen.

How to check Brazil currency exchange rate

The Brazilian real has remained strong and you can check the current Brasil money exchange rates against that of your own country by visiting the link below.

The following illustration give you a quick overview of your country's currency performance against the currency of brazil; in other words, what 1US or £1 is worth as at 29th May 2008, once converted into R$1 (Brazilian real).

  • 1U$     1.6720
  • C$      1.6826
  • £        3.3133
  • €        2.6323
  • ¥        0.01608

    Should you need to convert the R$ - Brasil currency back into your own country's currency, this is what it is worth as of 29th May 2008. The figures are only a guide so do be sure to check them yourself.

  • 1.00 BRL = 0.599709 USD
  • 1.00 BRL = 0.595427 CAD
  • 1.00 BRL = 0.302670 GBP
  • 1.00 BRL = 0.381198 EUR
  • 1.00 BRL = 62.3513 JPY

    You can use the money exchange rate currency converter to find out how the Brazil money exchange rate against the performance of your own country's currency.

    On a final note, be sure to convert back any unspent reais - Brazilian currency at the end of your Brazil travel northeast since the real can be difficult to sell once you leave Brasil.

    Check the money exchange rate for your country here - The Universal Currency Converter. Alternatively, you can can visit the Brazilian Central Bank's website - Banco Central do Brasil - the website is in English


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