Brazil currency exchange

Brazil currency exchange

In addition to using your credit/debit cards on your Brazil travel northeast, you can also purchase travellers cheques to cover your Brazil holiday spending. While Euros are slowly gaining recognition, they give poor Brazil money exchange rate.

If you are set on using travellers cheques, be warned that they are not necessarily as straightforward nor the better option you might think. Unless of course you want to keep a small emergency reserve fund. If you must use them, aim to obtain the most widely recognised travellers checks.

Brazil money exchange centres - casas de cambios can be found in most major cities. Regardless of whether you are changing cash or traveller's cheques you'll need your passport as proof of identity.

While travellers checks do offer a greater degree of security - i.e. they are replaceable if lost or stolen, the downside of using travellers cheques must also be considered.

Here are a few key points to help you decide whether travellers checks are right for you on your Brazil travel northeast.

  • You'll usually get one to two percent less on the brasil currency exchange rate for travellers cheques than you would for cash

  • You are restricted on the use of travellers cheques and unlike US dollars, checks must be exchanged prior to use

  • Unless you cash travellers checks at international airports, they can prove costly and difficult to exchange, with a lengthy timescale to cash them. Airport banks are open seven days a week, with other banks open Monday to Friday

  • You may also find that it is only certain branches of the major banks - usually the head office, that will have a Brazil currency exchange section - câmbio. These include HSBC, Banco Itaú, Banespa. The bank's money exchange sections tend to close early, at around lunchtime or an hour or so after lunch, so be sure to get there early if you need to cash travelers checks

    However, you can also change traveller's cheques as well as cash in travel agencies and some hotels

  • Expect the Brazil currency exchange rate on traveller's cheques to be of a lower rate where ever you cash them, although some banks will give you a slightly better rate. For instance, some will only charge a minimum of $100 for each transaction

  • Brazilian banks are likely to charge a large fee, in addition to it taking up to a few hours for you to complete all the required paperwork. Banco do Brasil for instance, charge by far the largest fee for each travelers check cashed

  • Taking into consideration how easy it is to use credit cards, you might find it easier and more to your advantage to use these, supplemented with some cash, rather than rely on travelers cheque usage as your main source of holiday spending.

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