Brazil Money

Brazil money

You are travelling to Brazil North East and naturally, there are some key points you want clarified in relation to the currency of Brazil.

You'll also want to know about the various ways in which you can access your holiday spending money in Brasil.

The most common form of Brazil currency used in payment throughout Brasil, is cash in small note denomination. This is especially true in smaller towns and tourist destinations.

Although commercial outlets are required in law to accept and offer change to consumers with larger Brazil currency notes, this in practice is not always the case, since many shops etc., will often struggle to find smaller Brasil money in note form to make up change.

Be sure to keep a good supply of smaller Brazil currency, especially for making those smaller, yet essential purchases.

Credit cards v Brazil currency

You of course have the option of using your credit card in Brasil, in place of using Brazilian money for mid-to high rate spending.

The major credit cards are widely accepted even in rural areas, in hotels, restaurants and shops etc., These include Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express, (in order of the most widely accepted).

Be sure sure to inform your credit card company of your Brazil travel northeast. This will prevent any likelihoold of them stopping your card on the grounds of suspicious or uncharacteristic use, while you are in Brazil.

In addition to having a ready, though moderate stash of Brasil money, you will also need to be able to access additional cash as and when you need it.

By far, the easiest way of Accessing cash in larger cities will be via cashcard machines ATMS, which are plentiful. Though you might well struggle to do so in the smaller northeast towns since ATMS in these areas are unlikely to accept cards that are not of Brazilian card holders. Larger petrol stations with shops, most supermarkets, many pharmacies and all airports will usually have an ATM machine as well.

Visa cards are among the most commonly represented cards for cash advance money in Brazil and especially in the larger cities. Amex, MasterCard and other credit cards are also featured.

You can identify a Visa plus cash advance ATM among others, by the well-known sticker logos displayed on the cash advance machines. You will also see the term - Cirrus, along with the Visa and any other card network you use.

You should target ATM's at banks such as Banco do Brasil, HSBC, Bank Boston, Citibank and Bradesco, which accept Visa Plus and Cirrus ATM cards. Cash advance machines are also more likely to work. On a slight downside, althhough Banco do Brasil have numerous ATM cash machines, there is in general only one machine allocated at each branch that will deal with foreign credit or debit card transactions.

As a consequence, the cash machines at Banco do Brasil can become over-run with large queues, (including local people) which can prove a little bit on the frustrating side. For shorter queues, you might be better off accessing cash machines at the other banks mentioned above.

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