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Brazil Honeymoon - Fernando de Noronha

In addition to Brazilian honeymoon tours, there are a number of Brasil honeymoon package options that are available, depending on your budget. These can range from exclusive hotels, to a luxury Brazil lodge on the protected island paradise of Fernando de Noronha, which is just off the north east coast of Brazil.

You can enjoy 10 days or more of bliss at a beautiful luxury lodge at the protected island paradise, where you can explore the endless stretch of beaches in your own beach buggy with hardly a soul in sight. This is just one example of the various honeymoons in Brazil destinations that you can choose from.

Being a marine reserve, Fernando de Noronha is an important and well protected archipelago that commands exclusivity within its own right. There is a restriction on the number of people who can get on the island on any given day, so you can be assured that your honeymoon island will not be over-run by tourists.

As well as having long stretches of breath-taking Brazil beaches almost to yourselves, you can travel the length and breadth of them in your own beach buggy.

Honeymoons Brazil - accommodations

Whether you opt to spend your entire Brazil honeymoon in one place or you decide on a small number of honeymoon tours, you will be guaranteed lodgings in some of Brazil's most exclusive hotels, chalets, lodges, colonial or boutique hotels.

Accommodation locations will range from picturesque village hillside settings, mountain range to overlooking the ocean. Depending on your choice of honeymoon in Brazil, most of these Brazil lodgings will include facilities and essential such as four-poster beds, beautifully decorated accommodations comprising of either period or ultra modern furniture, verandas with panoramic sea or ocean view.

Naturally, the cost of Brasil honeymoons will depend on your budget, choice of honeymoon accommodations, your interests and requirements. However, when you consider the wide range of Brazilian honeymoon accommodation and the different price brackets, you will see that there is an affordable option for everyone.

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Cost of honeymoons Brazil

When compared against many of the Caribbean islands, honeymoons in Brasil represent very good value for money.

As a rough guide, expect a 10 day luxury Brasil honeymoon incorporating a small number of tours, to be in the region of between £2500UK up to £5000 per person, based on two people sharing. If you're planning your Brazil honeymoon on a budget, expect somewhere in the region of £1300 up to £2200UK. The above figures are only intended as an indication only. Airfares to Brazil are usually excluded. Depending on the honeymoon in Brazil package you choose, some domestic flights only - (flights to other regions in Brazil) may be included.

Do bear in mind that if planning a honeymoon to Brazil, tour operators can adapt many existing tours to suit your budget as well as your particular interests and needs. The option of having a tailor-made holiday can therefore serve to reduce cost in the same way it can increase exclusivity.

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