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Brazil travel northeast for a luxury holiday in Brasil

A luxury Brazil holiday need not be, beyond many people's reach today. When you compare a holiday in Brasil to that of the Caribbean, you begin to see that with Brazil being a relatively new emerging tourist industry with a very low cost of living, the same standards that are ill-affordable in the Caribbean, becomes a reality in Brasil.

There are numerous 5 star Brazil resorts, beach resorts and boutique hotels and apartments in the north east of Brazil, which won't break the bank. Many of these are set against truly stunning backdrops such as lagoons, beaches, mountains, giving you the chance to relax and enjoy the immense beauty of Brasil.

What to expect on luxury Brazil vacation holidays

You can expect to be met by a driver and escorted from the airport, to your hotel, on your arrival for your Brazil travel northeast.

Accommodation will usually be provided in a luxury boutique hotel, which, more likely than not, will be in an exclusive direct beach front or ocean view setting. You can typically expect private verandas with fantastic sea views, lagoons and state of the art communal areas with pools for you to relax in on your Brazil holiday.

You will also enjoy numerous facilities and essentials such as a king-sized bed, private jacuzzi, DVD player surround sound, Tv, a fridge, drinks bar, internet access etc., Some luxury Brasil holidays will even include a laptop PC for your personal use. With all this at hand, what more could you ask for from a luxury holiday in Brazil.

A common feature on this type of luxury Brazil holiday will be personalised city tours, where you get to see some of Brasil's hidden secrets which are often missed on more conventional tours or even when exploring by yourself. You will get to stop at excellent local restaurants for lunch, savouring their regional delights. Everything is done at your own pace, with relaxed and friendly guidance.

Other interesting things to do on a Brazil holiday

On your luxury Brasilian holiday, you won't be short of other interesting things to do either. A boat trip can be organised for you up a mangrove-lined river, as well as horse riding along the beaches. Or, how about a trip on a speedboat that will take you for a tour around the coast and nearby Brazil islands, where you can take refreshing dips into natural swimming pools which have been created in the reefs, with floating bars to keep you topped up with the delicious Brazilian drink - caipirinhas. Then simply finish off with a lunch of fresh lobster cooked on the beach.

Additionally, organisers of luxury holidays in Brazil can usually include 4-5 day travel tours, giving you the opportunity to travel Brazil north east's regions and beyond, into other southern states for example. Depending on the Brasil tour destinations, you can expect to stay in a beautiful luxury brazil lodge such as in Minas Gerais, a small exclusive hotel, or even eco jungle lodgings surrounded by lakes, lagoons, flora and fauna.

Alternatively, perhaps you might want to personalise your Brasilian holiday by choosing a luxury tailor-made Brazil holiday, where you get to pick the things and tours you want to do. For example, you might fancy spending a day or two in one of Salvador's colonial hotels and experience displays of Capoeira, an athletic African fight dance, - a legacy of slavery, to attending religious Candomble African rituals.

The nature and scope of your Brazil holiday is limitless. Ultimately, you decide how much or how little you want to pack into your luxury Brazil travel northeast holiday and how much it will cost you. Either way, you will enjoy superb facilities and essentials that you might otherwise not be able to afford on many Caribbean holidays.

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