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Choice of Honeymoons in Brazil

If you are looking to honeymoon in style, then a Brazil honeymoon on the northeast coast or its surrounding islands might be just what you're looking for.

There is a wide variety of destinations and honeymoon packages to choose from. Examples include the exclusive marine reserve of Fernando de Noronha and Bahia in Salvador, with its superb beaches, elegant and delightful haciendas or lodges that are situated away from tourist areas, thus offering privacy, yet enabling you to emmerse yourselves in the city's diverse cultures.

Other choices include Brazil honeymoon packages with short tours to some of Brasil's most famous attractions and places of interest, such as Rio and Iguazu.

Or if you are looking for a little bit more adventure you can perhaps consider a unique honeymoon in Brazil that incorporate a tour of the Pantanal to experience first hand its diverse wildlife, flora and fauna.

While a Brazil honeymoon will fulfill all your requirements and more, you also have the option of combining Brazil tours alongside trips to other South American countries for a richer, broader honeymoon experience. There really is no end to the choices that are open to you. You can pick and mix from a range of tours or things you specifically want to do. In other words, you can literally have a tailor-made honeymoon in Brasil.

What you can expect from honeymoons Brazil tours

Is your ideal honeymoon a combination of short tours that enables you to Brazil travel northeast and beyond? In which case, you might want to consider a Brazil honeymoon that include short luxury tours. You can typically expect to spend 2 - 4 days at a time on your stop-over. You can even visit some of the other South American countries that borders Brasil.

Whether you remain within Brasil or travel beyond its border, you can expect to have your own guide. Your guide will, for example, accompany you to places of historical significance, such as magnificent colonial churches in one of Brazil's colonial towns of Olinda - in Recife, where you can enjoy the splendour of its African culture, influences and especially its music.

Your guide will also be at hand to offer practical advice and guidance on issues such as understanding local etiquette, or how to go about organising samba lessons or even help you identify the most appropriate nightlife haunts.

Alternatively, a personalized luxury city tour away from Brazil northeast into one of the southern states might be just what you're looking for.

Rio is a popular choice among Brazil honeymooners and tourists alike, especially for its attractions of Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain etc.,

Having a personal guide will ensure you get to see as well as absorb interesting facts, details and history of days gone by. You will more likely get to meet local people, within their own environment, learning more about their culture away from holiday resorts and hotels. You will get to lunch at some excellent local restaurants too.

Best times for Brazil travel northeast honeymoons

Brazil has superb weather all year round so this need not present an issue. While different states will experience fluctuations in weather patterns during seasons, - i.e. hot and dry/rainy, no two states will ever be the same. In any event, rainfall is never excessive. Irrespective of when you choose to have your Brazilian honeymoon, you will always find just the right wheather for you.

You might however want to consider Brazil honeymoon travel during the low season, which is between March to June and August to November. Not only might you be able to secure a heavily discounted honeymoon in Brazil, you will find that there are less tourists around as well.

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