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Brazil Family Vacation

What better way to Brazil travel northeast and enjoy a glorious holiday than in the company of your family or network of close friends. Simply click on the image on the left and you will be taken to a web page where you select your country of choice. There on you will be offered a wide variety of Brazil family vacations to choose from.

Brazilians are very family-oriented and children-friendly people, so you can rest assured that your children will be most welcome, whatever your choice of family holiday accommodation or Brazilian lodgings.

Brazil holiday or any other holiday for that matter, can work out expensive for families. cheap vacation packages to brazil are available and especially during low seasons. Do also bear in mind that prices for most of the brazil vacation packages mentioned are dependent upon your requirements - packages can be adapted to suit your particular needs or family budget.

Family vacations in Brazil hotel resorts

There are a number of options for family vacation Brazil accommodation that are open to you. These include, hotel-apartment type lodgings, self-contained bungalows in a village-type settings, or standard hotel rooms with inter-connecting rooms.

Family vacation Brazil accommodations in hotels are usually free for children up to the age of five. In general, hotel rooms will often include a double bed and a single too. While some family holiday accommodation may well provide a cot, this is not always the case. As a guide, if your family consist of two adults and one child, then a standard hotel in Brazil room should sleep all three of you.

cheap vacation packages to brazil

If your family consist of more than three, you should be able to find larger, cheap vacation packages to Brazil that will include affordable hotel lodgings. These would generally be in the mid-range price bracket, with rooms with inter-connecting doors.

Another alternative, should your family need more ample sized, affordable holiday accommodations, is to consider an apartment hotel. These types of hotel accommodation will sleep more people and will often have basic kitchen facilities, which can make things a bit easier, especially if you are travelling with very young children.

Do also look out for discounted deals on family vacations in Brazil, since some lower-mid range hotels in Brazil will offer various discount on accommodations, however, children will need to room share and/or in some instances, even bed share.

Another way to secure cheap vacations, is to plan your Family vacation Brazil during low season. This way, you can have your pick of more affordable mid-high range holiday accommodations which would have otherwise proved too costly for your family. Hotels are always happy to get some occupancy in low season, than get nothing at all.

Family Vacation Brazil

Mid to high range family vacation Brazil

If you are not under any budgetary constraints, then you might want to consider Brazil vacations in the mid-high price range. An hotel or family-friendly hotel resort in this price bracket will secure you ample sized accommodations - some in thatched bungalows or villas. Facilities will usually include in-room TV, TV lounges, swimming pools, gardens, entertainment for the kids, games room, family rooms, not to mention, direct beach access, golf course etc.,

Accommodations will often include inter-connecting doors to give you added peace of mind. Do also pay particular attention to hotel resort holiday accommodations that are situated well away from tourist roads. Additionally, some of these mid-high range Brazil hotel accommodations will have been adapted for people with mobility disability.

Other facilities you can expect will include restaurants, bars, catering for all meals and snacks. You can also expect a mini bar in your room, enabling you to store feeds and bottles for baby and possibly a baby corner for you to prepare meals for very young children. Most hotel resorts, including restaurants will provide high chairs.

There will usually be a wide variety of sporting activities, live music and entertainment, including a wellness center or spa where you can pamper yourself a little.

Other essential family facilities/ resources

Brazilian vacation accommodations will nearly always consist of showers only but do bring along with you a travel plug just in case. You might be able to use shallow shower trays as a make-shift bath for baby.

If you are travelling with a young infant, bring just enough diapers for a couple of days or so. These are very cheap in Brasil and readily available in most supermarkets or pharmacies, along with baby food. Do exercise the strictest of care by ensuring that you only use bottled mineral water for preparing your baby's meals and drinks, as well as for cleaning bottles etc., There is a wide range of food on offer, so feeding for young children should not be an issue.

For more information on travel health for babies and young children in Brazil, see the Health Info section of this travel web site.

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