Restaurants In Brazil

Tipping in restaurants in Brazil

It is customary to reward good service in restaurants by tipping and Brazilian restaurants are no exception.

Although the practice of leaving a tip or having a gratuity added to your Brazil restaurant bill may vary from region to region, normal guidelines will still apply.

In some Brasil restaurants, a gratuity of 10% is automatically added to your bill. However, legally, you are under no obligation to pay this service charge. And since it is not uncommon, for some restaurants to keep part or all of the 10% service charge rather than pass it on to the waiters or waitresses, if you have the inclination, there is nothing stopping you from paying your bill, minus the charge. You can then tip the waiter or waitress discreetly.

Alternatively, even when a service charge is added to your bill by the Brazil restaurant, bear in mind that just that little bit extra directly to the person who has provided you with a good service can make all the difference.

Owing to their very low wages, waiters and waitresses rely on tips to supplement their income. It is therefore considerate practice to tip anyway, since prices in restaurants in Brazil are extremely low.

Be sure to place the tip directly into the waiter or waitress's hand and not leave it lying around on the table at your departure.

A good tip: if you are planning on staying in the same area during your Brazil travel northeast, pick a good restaurant where you can eat daily. This way, the staff will get to know you and you are then assured of excellent service. But remember, don't forget the tip - every little bit helps!

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