Brazil Popular Foods

Brazil Popular Foods

Brazilian cuisine is a mix of popular foods of its inhabitants.

The country is divided into five main cuisine regions; namely, North, northeast, central west, southeast and south. This has created a national cooking style marked by the preservation of regional differences.

  Cuisine Of Salvador

There are very many different and unique dishes and cuisine Brazil have on offer; with some of the North East dishes being among the most popular foods in Brazil. Here are a few sound favourites from Brazil fast foods, to more elaborate cuisine.

One of Brazil's most popular foods include Feijoada, which is a stew of beans with various beef and pork products and is typical of the Brazilian Portuguese cuisine. This Brasil food is perhaps the closest the country comes to a having a national dish. The dish is served up all day at weekends by Brazil restaurants.

Vatapa is another of Brazil popular foods. It is made from bread, shrimps, coconut milk, palm oil and peanuts or cashew nuts, which are mashed to form a creamy consistency. It is a typical condiment that is used particularly in the state of Bahia and is commonly eaten with acaraje, an Afro Brazilian fast food made from black eyed peas, which is formed into a ball and then deep-fried in palm oil. The shrimp ingredient in the above Brazilian recipe can be replaced with chicken, turkey, ground tuna or numerous other alternatives.

Farofa is toasted farinha, which is usually served with onions and bits of bacon mixed in. If you're on a budget, look out for the terms prato feito, prato comercial or refeição completa. You will have a substantial meal relatively inexpensively.

Comida Baiana, a particular favourite in Salvador, is made with excellent fresh fish and shellfish, hot peppers, coconut milk, fresh coriander and palm oil. Though this dish may be served elsewhere in the north east, make the effort to sample this dish in Salvador, to enjoy it at its very best.

Cheese buns or cheese breads is another Brazil popular food snack or breakfast fare. Made from Cassava or corn flour, they are chewy and moist inside and are relatively inexpensive. Cheese buns are approximately one to six inches in diameter, with about two inches of height. These Brazil popular foods snacks are favourites among all age groups and are usually sold by Brazil fast food street vendors.

Brigadeiro is a simple Brazilian chocolate fudge candy created in the 1920's and named after Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes and its shape is a reproduction of that of some varieties of chocolate truffles.

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