Food In Brazil

Food in Brazil

As you will discover on your Brazil travel northeast, Brazilian food is as plentiful as it is varied. As well as the many different ethnic influences on Brazil food culture in the north east, there are also individual ethnic food restaurants such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian etc., Albeit with a Brazilian twist.

You will also find that in addition to the numerous bakeries - padarias and cafe snack bars - lanchonete, there is an abundant supply and variety of sea food in Brazil, especially on the northeast coast. Fish of course forms the basis of many of Brazil food and meals in this region.

For instance, fresh fish and shellfish in particular, is widely used in tantalising Brazilian recipes that include hot peppers, palm oil, coconut milk and coriander; while in the interior of the north east, dried cured meat, alongside beans, tubers and fruit are favoured ingredients in Brazilian cuisine.

Brazil fast food outlets

Brazil fast food outlets can be found literally everywhere, especially Brazil bakeries or lanchonete, which serve a variety of cheap snacks and small meals.

Other popular Brazil fast food options include hamburgers, french fries, hot-dogs and sandwiches - usually with fillings such as bacon, ham, cheese, eggs, pickles lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatos, corn peas etc., The variety can be as wide as your imagination.

  Pizza Food

Brazil fast food chains include Burger King and other long- established food chains, alongside Pizza Hut restaurants, - which though may be few and far between,are nevertheless available in some towns and to a greater extent, in the cities.

If you are worried about your menu reading abilities, this need not present too much of an issue since some Brazil food items are fairly straightforward in terms of recognisable pronounciations. Where that fails, you can guarantee that the Brazilians will get the gist of your order. A burger for instance, is - sheezboorga, while a baurú is a club sandwich, consisting of steak and egg. A hot dog is cachorro quente and a toasted ham and cheese sandwich, - mixto quente.

you can also get good food in Brazil cheaply in the street, from clean and professional looking food stalls. However, you will need to approach fast foods from some street vendors with great care. While some of these Brasil food outlets will be safe enough for you to eat from, other vendors will not exercise food health and safety to the standard you might be accustomed to. In addition to being very selective about fast food in Brazil, a good tip is to buy from fast food outlets where Brazilian people, such as office workers, frequent.

Vegetarian Brazil foods

Strictly speaking, Brazilian food culture tend to not cater specifically for vegetarians, since most Brasilian food tend to be meat or fish-based anyway. Those less well off Brazilians who must survive on a vegetarian diet don't do this out of choice but out of their economic situation. This of course restricts them to the staple diet of rice, beans, farinha and a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables.

While some restaurants in Brasil may offer vegetarian options, there is no guarantee that these will not contain unwelcome meat or fish-based ingredients. Apart from vegetarian pizzas, another solution is to try some of the Brasil restaurants where you pay a set fee to eat as much as you want - comida por kilo; alternatively, there is a very small number of vegetarian restaurants - restaurante natural, mostly found in some of the larger cities but these are few and far between. In any case, these types of Brasilian restaurants tend to be daytime only.

The above restaurants will serve a very wide variety of freshly prepared Brazilian food dishes throughout the day, so vegetarians should be able to have their dietary requirements met. Just be sure to check whether egg or cheese products have been included, even in salads, which can be an issue for vegan diets. Food choices will include a range of different vegetables and salads; rice, potatoes, manioc etc.,

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