Brazil Time

Brazil time

The concept of Brasil Summer time was first adopted in 1931 and applied to the whole country until 1988 when the principle was used in only part of the country.

The sheer scale of the Brazilian territory means it spans four time zones. While most of Brasil is three to four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), the most western of states such as Acre, is four hours behind, but shares the same time zone as Eastern Standard Time in the US.

In general though, the main brazilian time zone corresponds to the time in Brasilia, the capital city of Brazil. The time zone of Brasília is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. All other time zones across the country are therefore set according to the time in Brasilia.

Although Brazil observes Summer time, the start and end dates will generally change from year to year and these are not necessarily followed by all states in Brazil. Hence, the states that observe Summer time in Brazil can also change from year to year.

There are no fixed start and end dates for Summer time in Brazil rather, dates are determined each year according to the rise or fall of approximately one to two degrees in Brasil's temperature. This gauging of weather conditions to determine Brazil time and seasons will dictate whether or not individual Brazil states change their clocks.

The time difference between cities in Brazil will vary by up to 2 hours over the course of the year as clocks are moved forward and backward for daylight saving Brasil time. Those states that observe Summer time in Brazil will move their clocks forward by one hour between the start and end dates for Summer, while the states that don't will be governed by Brasilia time.

The time in Brazil northeast states are one hour ahead of Brazil Standard Time. Before your Brazil travel northeast, you can always check the current time in Brazil northeast states of Alogoas, Paraiba, Pernambuco, Rio Grande do Norte, Sergipe etc.,

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