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Natal city Beaches in Brazil northeast

Some of Brazil's best beaches are to be found in Natal, which also serve as the main venue for the city's nightlife. There are several great urban beaches in Natal city - Praia do Meio, Praia do Forte, Praia dos Artistas and Areia Preta.

Heavy investment in the tourism industry has led to these Natal beaches being cleaned up. In addition there have been significant improvements in local infrastructures and amenities, making these urban attractions some of Brazil best beaches.

Although Natal Brasil's urban beaches along this stretch are in fact separate beaches in their own right, they are all part of a long continuous stretch along the Via Costeira beach highway, which runs south along the coast below the great dunes of Parque das Dunas.

Access a Northeast Brazil beach map here, along with a listing of Natal Brazil's best beaches. For now, here is a quick overview of Natal's urban beaches in Brazil northeast:

Praia do Meio and Praia do Forte Beaches In Brazil North East

Praia do Meio - Beach of the Middle, is approximately the stretch between Praia do Forte - (near the Forte dos Reis Magos) up to the Ladeira do Sol. You have the option of walking along the beach to the Fort, taking a taxi or alternatively, you can visit it via a tour.

This Natal Brazil beach area is an urbanised zone, with well-maintained roads and other amenities, including playgrounds and sporting facilities for the community. There is bus transportation from the seafront to the bottom of the hill on which stands the Mãe Luiza lighthouse - catch a city bus marked Mãe Luiza. You can climb the hill to to behold the most beautiful views of Natal and its surrounding beaches.

On the other side of the lighthouse in Praia dos Artistas is the spectacularly large beach of Praia de Mãe Luiza, which you can access along the Via Costeira highway.

Praia do Meio and Praia do Forte beaches in Brasil northeast are very well protected by reefs that keep conditions calm, making the area ideal for swimming and windsurfing. Praia do Meio Natal Brazil beach is open to the public up until 5 p.m. daily.

Praia dos Artistas Natal Brazil Beach

Translated, the Praia dos Artistas beaches in Brazil means Beach of the Artists, so called because decades ago, the beach, was frequented by many famous artists including those who largely went about unnoticed. Local amenities include a tourist office, a nightclub - Chaplin and a 24 hour Banco do Brasil ATM.

This Brazilian beach is reef-lined and once the tide recedes, it leaves behind some wonderful water pools which is great for children. The stretch of beach has exceptionally larger waves than even Ponta Negra during high tide - making it a firm favourite with surfers. However, this attraction comes at a price; each year, a small number of tourists are drowned through being caught out by the massive rollers that come in from the Atlantic. Extreme caution must be observed by surfers of these town beaches in Brazil northeast.

Praia da Areia Preta Beach In Brazil North East

Praia de Areia Preta translates into Black Sand; so-called it is said, because the sand contains traces of minerals which are evident by some darker particles in it.

Again, there are some very powerful waves here so caution is advised when using this or any other Brazilian beaches.

As you can see, Natal boasts some of the best beaches in Brazil northeast, which are a great attraction for tourists who Brazil travel northeast. Hotel accommodation is plentiful and cheaper along the beaches in comparison to Ponta Negra - which is some 12km in distance from Praia do Meio.

Many of Natal's beaches will have a nightlife such as clubs, bars ect., Getting around Natal is relatively inexpensive by either taxi or bus. Dune buggies are available so you can explore both the dunes and the vast stretches of pristine beaches in Brazil north east.

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