Holidays In Brazil

National holidays Brazil

There is a fair number of local and public holidays in Brazil.

While national holidays in Brazil are observed across the entire country, there are a number of other Brazil holiday dates which are only observed by particular states. Below you will find a list of dates, along with details of business opening times in the north east.

The following are the Brazil national holidays which are celebrated by the whole of the country, where all businesses will be closed.

Public Holidays Brasil

January 1:
Confraternização Universal Ano Novo - New Year's Day

January 6:

Feb or March:
 Carnaval - Carnival (Dates Vary) - Tuesday before Ash Wednesday

Quarta-feira de Cinzas - Good Friday / Easter Sunday: (Date Vary)

April 21:
Remembrance of Tiradentes, public holiday in brazil

May 1:
Dia do Trabalho Brasil holiday - Labor Day

(Dates Vary): Ascension Day

Date Vary) Corpus Cristi - brazil national holiday festival celebrated 62 days after Good Friday

September 7:
Dia da Independencia - Independence Day

October 12:
Nossa Senhora de Aparecida - Our Lady of Aparecida

November 2:
Dia de Finados - All Souls (Memorial) Day of the dead

November 15:
Proclamação da República - Proclamation of the Republic

December 25:
Natal - Christmas Day

Other Non Public Brazilian Holidays

April 19:  Dia do Índio ("Indians' Day") to celebrate the natives of Brazil

May:  Dia das Mães, the Brazilian observation of Mother's Day, celebrated every second Sunday

June 12:   Dia dos Namorados - not a Brazilian holiday but is celebrated as the Brazilian equivalent of St. Valentine's Day (St. Anthony of Padua's day), considered the patron of a loving companion

June 24:  Festa de São João (Saint John the Baptist)holiday in Brazil, celebrated in many Brazilian cities, especially in Brazil Northeast such as Recife and Maceió

August:  Dia dos Pais, the Brazilian observation of Father's Day, celebrated every second Sunday

August 25:  Dia do Soldado ("Soldier's Day")

October 31:  Dia das Bruxas (Halloween) though not an official Brazil holiday, is increasingly being celebrated in some larger cities, with costume parties, along with the trick-or-treat custom

Regional Public Brazil Holidays

The following are some of the regional public holidays in Brazil which are observed in particular northeast states:

December 8:  Dia de Nossa Senhora da Conceição - Our Lady of Conceição State of Pernambuco, City of Belo Horizonte

October 3:  Uruaçú and Cunhaú - Martyrs Day, State of Rio Grande do Norte only

November 21:  (Nossa Senhora da Apresentação) Our Lady of Apresentação Day, City of Natal only

See a monthly or yearly calendar, showing all the important public holidays in Brazil.

Brazil opening times

Business hours in Brazil will vary from state to state but on a whole Brazil opening times are generally the same, give or take half an hour or so.

With the exception of Banks, which open at 10 a.m, normal business hours for general stores are usually between 9 a.m to 6 p.m, Monday to Friday. Where some stores open on Saturday, this will only be for half day - up to 1 p.m.

Although banks are open all day, they will usually stop changing money around the 3 p.m mark. If you plan on using the banks' foreign exchange services then you will need to carry out your transactions between 10 a.m and 3 p.m. Alternatively, you have the option of using Brazil currency exchange services which are to be found at the major airports.

Opening times for large shopping centers tend to be around 10 a.m to 10 p.m, Monday to Sunday, especially in cities and larger towns. Most businesses and stores will usually close for an extended lunch break from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

While some tourist attractions such as museums and monuments will generally follow normal Brazil opening times, many are usually closed on Monday.

All businesses, stores, shops Shops and restaurants normally close for all national holidays in Brazil, including the Christmas and New Year period.

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