Brazil visa requirements

Brazil visa requirements

If you are travelling from Europe or a number of other countries such as South Africa and New Zealand, you will only need to produce a valid passport and fill in an entry form on arrival, to fulfill one of the Brazil tourist visa entry requirements. You will then be given a visa for Brasil that will enable you a stay of 90 days.

Additionally, you will also need to satisfy a few other pre-requisites such as: a return/onward ticket or; evidence of sufficient funds to acquire a ticket.

If you are not traveling from one of the countries listed at Brazil Visa, then you will need to make a Brazil visa application to the Brazil Embassy or consulate in your country of residence, prior to your Brazil travel northeast.

Alternatively, you might want to approach a passport and visa consulting agency, such as Travel Visa Pro who provide a such a service to US citizens.

Brazil visa application

Again, you will be required to produce a return or onward ticket to fulfill the Brazil visa requirement; a completed visa Brazil application form and a passport photo. You will also be required to pay a visa processing fee when you submit your Brazil travel visa application. Do check with the Brazilian consulate in your country, the payment method, since some may accept different forms of payment. Fees will vary, but expect somewhere in the region of US$100, C$100 respectively.

When you enter Brazil, you will be given a carbon copy of your entry form at passport control, which you are expected to return upon leaving Brazil. You will need to keep this safely, since you will also be required to produce it if you plan to travel by air within Brazil.

EU citizens can apply to extend (once only), a tourist visa to Brazil for an additional ninety days. However, you must apply at least fifteen days before your existing visa expires.

If following the first extension you want to stay in Brasil, you will have to leave the country and re-apply. You'll be fined if you outstay your welcome on an expired visa in Brasil.

Brazil travel visa requirements should you lose your passport

In the event you should lose your passport, you must report it to the police station - Policia Federal. There is a federal police station with visa desk in each of Brazil's state capital. At the station, just ask for the Delegacia da Policia Federal. Once you have reported your lost passport and Brazil visa, you can proceed to get replacement travel documents from the consulate nearest you.

Once you have obtained your travel documents, return to the Policia Federal and they will stamp an endorsement into your new travel documents.

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