Brazil Visa Application

Brazil visa application for long stays

For a variety of different reasons, the 90 days stay allocated by the standard Brazil tourist visa will not be adequate for many people.

Reasons for wanting an extension on a Brazil travel visa can range from:

  • Falling in love with Brazil and not wanting to return
  • You have returned home but want to move to Brazil
  • You have a Brazilian partner
  • You want to work in Brazil
  • You want to study or carry out other academic work in Brazil

    Should any of the above apply, you must make a Brazil visa application for long stay; which is for a special Visa to Brazil - called a Temporario, before you leave your country of origin.

    While you might be tempted to enter Brasil on an initial Brazil tourist visa, and apply for the Temporario before the 90 day Brazil visa expires, this is extremely difficult to do, owing to the at times, rigid Brazilian bureaucracy.

    You should ideally contact the Brazil embassy or Brazilian consulates for advice and information on the relevant documentation you will need to produce along with your Brazil visa application for long stay.

    If you are planning on working in Brazil, a work-based Brazil visa will enable you to work for a period of up to two years. You will be taxed on the basis of a foreign taxpayer, following which you become a Brazilian tax payer.

    You will need to check with your country of origin to ascertain whether you are likely to experience double taxation - i.e. being taxed in your country as well as in Brasil.

    Brazil visa application requirements

    Since Brazil visa requirements are liable to change, you should seek updated Brazil visa information from the relevant Brazil Embassies in your country and not merely rely on information via websites, that might not be up-to-date.

    Do also bear in mind that applying for a Brazil visa is not a speedy process and can take anywhere from six to 8 months.

    The length of a visa for brazil range from 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. It is always best to apply for a longer term visa just in case you need more time in Brasil.

    In any case, you can usually extend a 1 year visa to two within Brazil, however, this can be time-consuming and involve a lot of effort, frustration and legwork on your part.

    Once you arrive in Brazil on your Temporario visa, it is a requirement that you register your arrival within 30 days. You do this at the seção dos estrangeiros office, which is located in the nearest Federal Police Station to you.

    You will be required to complete some relevant forms, as well as provide a certified copy of your passport with photos. You will incur a fee for this.

    In a couple of weeks, you can expect to receive an identity card, however, you will need to go personally to get the card and to register it. Again, this is a long drawn out process over the course of a day.

    If your situation or circumstance is in any way unusual, or complex, it is always best to seek advice and information direct from the Brazilian embassy, prior to making your Brazil visa application. That way, you can save time as well as move in the same direction as the Brazilian wheels of bureaucracy.

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