Brazil Religion

Religion in Brazil

The Brazil religion is predominantly Catholicism, with Brazil having the largest Roman Catholic population in the world. In a census which took place in 2000, seventy percent of the Brasil population declared being Roman Catholic, with approximately ninety percent declaring some religious belief system.

The Brazil culture and religion is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, Benedict XVI, who visited Brazil in May 2007.

Statue of Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)
at Rio de Janeiro

How Catholicism became Brazil's Religion

The influence of Catholicism on brazil culture and religion occurred followed its introduction by the missionaries who accompanied the Portuguese explorers and settlers of Brazil.

It is said that the first Mass celebrated in Brasil was on Easter Sunday in 1500, carried out by a priest in the party who claimed possession of Portugal.

Brazil culture and religion does not however encompass only Brazil people of the Catholic faith. There has been a growing number of other religions in Brazil such as Protestant communities over the last decades.

In addition Christianity - Pentecostalism,

Babtistism and methodism
, which are also growing in numbers, there are many other belief systems, many of which have been absorbed into Catholicism.

There is also a large number of Jehovah's Witnesses in Brasil. A very small number of people are followers of African traditional religions such as Candomblé and Umbanda.

The merging of the Brazil people, Brazil's cultures, traditions, customs and religious beliefs especially, have been important elements, which have all helped to inform and shape Brazil Art forms.

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