Brazil Art

The Rise of Brazil Art

The roots established from a diverse mix of Brazil people, allowed for a unique mixing of traditions, customs and cultures in Brazil, - especially in Brazil northeast region.

    Indian Warrior

This has been an important aspect, the elements of which can be found in popular Brazilian art.

For instance, the inspirations derived from the religious themes introduced by religious missionaries, enabled popular artists to further develop and showcase their skills and interests in secular portrayals of life in contact with immigrant artisans and artists.

This fusion of popular art and 'cultured' art was to shape Brazilian arts in future years. In 1922, the Modernist Manifesto elevated Brazilian art as did Tarsila do Amaral, Candido Portinari and Alfredo Volpi,

who collectively brought Brazilian popular traditions and 'high art' concepts together both on canvas, as well as in using other art form materials.

For instance, while Euclides da Cunha, Jorge Amado and Guimaraes Rosa merged those elements in Brazil literature, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Ernesto Nazareth mastered them in music art form.

    Brazilian Native Ritual

Other popular art forms such as dance, Brazil photography - pictures of Brazil ect., and architecture have equally developed the principles of cultural 'anthropophagy'(canabalism) - which the Modernist Manifesto defined as:

'canabalizing the high culture from Europe, by drawing on national, popular traditions and contemporary trends from abroad to feed into the artist's imagination and creation of something new.

Perhaps we should take a leaf out of the Brazil book of art and engage in some canabilizing of Brazilian soccer traditions and success trends, for the purpose of feeding our own football players imagination into creating something spectacular on the pitch.

Image by, Jean-Baptiste Debret (1768-1848)
a French painter, who produced many valuable lithographs
depicting the people of Brazil

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